[visionlist] iGLWidgets Collection for Vision Science

Dr. William H.A. Beaudot wbeaudot at kybervision.net
Thu Aug 13 08:10:39 -04 2020

Hello everyone,

Given the continuing pandemic situation and the growing need for online teaching material, we have decided to release a new collection of educational widgets for Vision Science called iGLWidgets (https://www.psykinematix.com/widgets/).

iGLWidgets are small, self-contained and interactive HTML5 widgets to generate visual stimuli whose properties can be manipulated in real-time. They can run on any platform since they only require a WebGL-compatible browser, and can be installed to run offline on computers or mobile devices (and even show as standalone apps on iOS devices like iPads). In addition, each widget includes background information, references and a mathematical description of the stimulus.

This collection is still small but includes interactive sets of basic visual stimuli (Gaussian blob, grating, Gabor patch, 2D noise), motion-defined stimuli (first-order, 2nd-order, Ternus, plaid), some more advanced ones (motion contrast, radial frequency pattern, center-surround interaction, field of Gabor patches) and a few visual illusions based on Prof. Kitaoka’s work.

We hope some of you will find them useful for teaching remotely. We are planning to add more to the iGLWidgets collection soon, but we would be happy to prioritize the addition of any widget deemed essential for teaching visual perception (there is a link where you can make your requests).

Meanwhile… Stay home. Stay safe. Stay sane.

All the best,


William H.A. Beaudot
President & Chief Scientist, KyberVision Japan LLC (Sendai, Miyagi)

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