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Mehul Bhatt Mehul.Bhatt at oru.se
Thu Aug 27 04:27:27 -04 2020

Dear All,

I would like to point out and solicit participation in two events that are being held as part of the upcoming (digital) European Conference on Artificial Intelligence (ECAI 2020).
The events are:

1. Tutorial on:  “Cognitive Vision: On Deep Semantics for Explainable Visuospatial Computing”
2. Workshop on:  “Artificial and Human Intelligence: Formal and Cognitive Foundations for Human-Centred Computing”

Together, the two events focus on the theme of “AI and Visuospatial Cognition”, in particular showcasing applications of AI technologies in behavioural research, naturalistic studies in visual perception etc encompassing domains such as media studies, architecture / built environment, autonomous vehicles, human-robot interaction.

We would also appreciate your help in further dissemination to interested colleagues in your respective networks.

Best regards,
Mehul Bhatt  (Örebro University, Sweden)

[Open & Free Participation]


—  On Deep Semantics for Explainable Visuospatial Computing

Tutorial Presenters:
Mehul Bhatt (Örebro University, Sweden), and Jakob Suchan (University of Bremen, Germany)
European Conference on Artificial Intelligence (ECAI 2020)

Abstract  /  The tutorial on cognitive vision addresses computational vision and perception at the interface of language, logic, cognition, and artificial intelligence. With a focus on explainable visual sensemaking of dynamic visuospatial imagery, the tutorial demonstrates the integration of methods from AI and Vision with a focus on (combining) declarative reasoning \& learning about space, action, motion, and interaction. The tutorial is presented in the applied backdrop of areas as diverse as autonomous driving, cognitive robotics, design (for visual art, architecture, visuoauditory digital media), and behavioural visual perception research in cognitive psychology. The tutorial positions an emerging line of interdisciplinary research bringing together AI, Vision, Psychology, and Design.

Sunday August 30, 13:45 to 17:00 (CET)
Info   /   www.codesign-lab.org/cognitive-vision<http://www.codesign-lab.org/cognitive-vision>


—  Formal and Cognitive Foundations for Human-Centred Computing

Workshop Chair:  Mehul Bhatt (Örebro University, Sweden)
European Conference on Artificial Intelligence (ECAI 2020)

Tuesday September 8, 12:00 to 18:30 (CET)
Schedule   /   www.codesign-lab.org/ecai2020/schedule.pdf<https://www.codesign-lab.org/ecai2020/>
Info   /   www.codesign-lab.org/ecai2020/<http://www.codesign-lab.org/ecai2020/>

Joint Session  /  The workshop features a joint session with the workshop on "Computational Argumentation and Cognition"

Focus Group On:
Multimodal Rhetoric and Visuoauditory Media Studies: On the Role of Cognition and AI:  Select talks and a dedicated focus group / session in the workshop will address multimodality in the social media space, focussing on methodological issues related to computational cognitive vision, multimodal interaction, and visuospatial sensemaking as applicable in diverse contexts relevant to social sciences, (digital) humanities, and cognitive psychology. We particularly address the role that AI can serve in these contexts and reflect on recently commenced / ongoing interdisciplinary initiatives in the EU addressing these questions.

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