[visionlist] MEEG research comparing still and moving visual/photographic stimuli?

Welke, Dominik dominik.welke at ae.mpg.de
Thu Sep 3 12:37:15 -04 2020

Dear vision community,

I am interested in comparing electrophysiological responses to moving and still images of complex scenes (eg videos vs photography of a scene).
Right now I am searching the literature databases for relevant MEEG studies.

Anything investigating the brains responses to complex video stimuli (ideally comparing them with still pictures) would be relevant.
But apart from some HMN studies and many conference proceedings on affective decoding I didn’t find too much using complex video stimuli at all.

I guess I am not using the right keywords, someone must have done such basic comparison.
If someone has a good reference in mind please let me know. I would be very thankful!


Dominik Welke

Max-Planck-Institute for Empirical Aesthetics
Department of Neuroscience
Grueneburgweg 14, D-60322 Frankfurt a.M.

dominik.welke at ae.mpg.de
+49 69 8300479-347

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