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An NIH-funded postdoctoral fellowship position is available in Robert Reinhart’s Cognitive & Clinical Neuroscience Laboratory in the Department of Psychological & Brain Sciences, Boston University. We primarily combine measurements of synchronized electrophysiological brain rhythms with noninvasive neuromodulation to study the large-scale cortical networks that underpin human visual cognition and its breakdown in aging and neuropsychiatric disorders. Our research includes the development of improved neuromodulation techniques for the rescue of neural and behavioral functions in people with schizophrenia, generalized anxiety disorder, obsessive-compulsive disorder, Alzheimers disease, and age-related cognitive impairment. Current research in the laboratory seeks to identify and causally manipulate phase-phase and phase-amplitude synchronization patterns hypothesized to sculpt communication dynamics in brain-wide networks. We are particularly focused on brain networks important for visual working memory and long-term memory in healthy and pathologically aging populations, and the networks governing top-down control and visual feedback-guided learning functions in healthy and psychiatric populations. For example, see two of our latest publications:

Reinhart RMG and Nguyen JA (2019). Working memory revived in older adults by synchronizing rhythmic brain circuits. Nature Neuroscience. 22(5):820-827.

Reinhart RMG(2017). Disruption and rescue of interareal theta phase coupling and adaptive behavior. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, USA. 114(43):11542-7.
Applicants with (i) a PhD or MD/PhD in neuroscience or related discipline, (ii) expertise in electrophysiology, neuromodulation, computational methods, and/or neuroimaging, and (iii) expertise in programming (preferably Matlab or Python), and (iv) who are highly motivated for developing a career as an independent investigator, are especially encouraged.

The successful applicant will join a lively, dynamic, and collaborative laboratory and scientific community at Boston University. They will have full access to the diverse research, financial, and career development opportunities offered through the Reinhart Laboratory, the Department of Psychological & Brain Sciences, the Kilachand Center, The Cognitive Neuroimaging Center, The Center for Research in Sensory Communication and Emerging Neural Technology, the Center for Systems Neuroscience, and the Cognitive Rhythms Collaborative.

Interested applicants should send a cover letter, CV, and contact information from three references to rmgr at bu.edu. This is a full-time position with excellent benefits. Salary will be highly competitive and correspond with experience.


Robert M. G. Reinhart, PhD

Director, Cognitive & Clinical Neuroscience Laboratory

Assistant Professor of Psychological & Brain Sciences

Boston University

677 Beacon St., Rm. 312

Boston, MA 02215, USA

Tel: (617) 353-9481, e-mail: rmgr at bu.edu<mailto:rmgr at bu.edu>


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