[visionlist] Open Source Materials for Teaching Undergraduates Electrophysiological Methods

Jane Couperus jcouperus at hampshire.edu
Wed Sep 30 09:45:44 -04 2020

The PURSUE project (Preparing Undergraduate for Research in STEM Related 
fields Using Electrophysiology) is pleased to offer our free online 
teaching materials designed to support teaching electrophysiological 
methodologies (EEG/ERPs) to undergraduates.
Among the resources available directly on our website PURSUEerp.com or 
by request are:

•Sample Syllabi
•Introductory Methods Slides
•2-3 Day Introduction to EEG/ERPs (powerpoints plus supplemental 
•Curated Readings
•Data Processing Labs –Labs include: Filtering, Bad Channels and 
Epoching, Artifact Rejection, Average and Grand Averages, Waveform 
Quantification, and Statistical Analysis.
•Sample ERP Data –Raw EEG files and average files are provided for 20 
participants for each of three components (P300, N400, an N2pc). 
Additionally, data from 5 individual difference measures are provided 
for each of the components for testing different hypotheses.

These materials are designed for undergraduates but can be used in 
courses and labs for students and researchers at any level. Most PURSUE 
class module materials are licensed under Creative Commons ShareAlike 
4.0 International (CC BY-NC-SA 4.0) and can therefore be modified for 
you own use in courses and trainings.

For more information and to request materials visit our website at 

The PURSUE Team, Drs. Cindy Bukach, Cathy Reed, and Jane Couperus

Preparation of these materials was made possible by Supported by grants 
from NSF DUE 1625521 & 1914858, DUE 1625610 & 1914834, DUE 1626554 & 
1914855, the Association for Psychological Science Fund for Teaching and 
Public Understanding of Psychology Science, and the James S. McDonnell 
Foundation Scholar Award for Understanding Human Cognition

Jane Couperus, PhD.
Professor of Developmental Cognitive Neuroscience, Hampshire College
jcouperus at hampshire.edu
Visiting Professor of Psychology, Mt. Holyoke College
jcouperu at mtholyoke.edu
pronouns: she/her

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