[visionlist] New ARVO Education Course “Night Vision in Aging, AMD, and Beyond”

Owsley, Cynthia cynthiaowsley at uabmc.edu
Wed Sep 30 19:11:11 -04 2020

ARVO has organized a new course of interest to Vision List subscribers through its ARVOLearn Educational Course program.

Just released on the ARVO website on-demand is the following course:

Night Vision in Aging, AMD, and Beyond:  Basic and Clinical Aspects

Course Organizers:  Christine A. Curcio, PhD, FARVO, University of Alabama at Birmingham and Cynthia Owsley, PhD, MSPH, FARVO, University of Alabama at Birmingham

An important characteristic of vision in aging and Age-related Macular Degeneration (AMD) is that rod photoreceptors are affected earlier and more severely than are cones. Learn from experts about the physiologic basis of rod-mediated vision and how to test, interpret, and contextualize rod vision in patients and study subjects. Investigators studying patients and model systems alike will benefit from up-to-date information on human visual neuroscience, visual function and retinal structure in aging and AMD.

Topics and Speakers:

  *   Christine A. Curcio PhD: Introduction to the Course
  *   Christine A. Curcio PhD: Neuroanatomy and Pathology of Aging and AMD
  *   Cynthia Owsley PhD: Aging, AMD, Rod- and Cone-Mediated Vision
  *   Robert F. Mullins PhD: Choriocapillaris - The Front End of Vision
  *   Trevor Lamb PhD: Rod and Cone Photoreceptor Dark Adaptation and Pigment Regeneration
  *   Vladimir Kefalov PhD: Second Visual Cycle (Retina Based)
  *   Yiannis Koutalis PhD: Monitoring the Kinetics of Rhodopsin’s Chromophore in Single Isolated Human Rod Photoreceptors
  *   Ulrike Grunert PhD: Neural Circuitry of Rod-Mediated Vision
  *   Maxmillian Pfau MD: Microperimetry
  *   Robert Finger MD PhD: Patient-Reported Outcomes Considering Low Luminance and Low Contrast Conditions,
  *   Joanne M. Wood OD PhD: Night Driving in Aging and AMD
  *   Lars Michael Larsen MD: Rod-Mediated Vision:  Diabetes, Childhood, Nutrition and Retinal Physiology,
  *   Tom H. Margrain OD PhD: Imaging Retinal Densitometry

Learn more about the course here:


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