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Christophe Charrier christophe.charrier at unicaen.fr
Fri Oct 23 10:25:56 -04 2020

The SAFE team in GREYC (Team leader: Christophe Charrier) is recruiting 
qualified Research Scientist (1 position).

For more information about the recruitment and application, please visit 
the following site:

*Job description:*
The candidatewill work on the consolidation of the solutions developed 
for the definition of a continuous video quality index. It will focus on 
defining new quality attributes for videos directly from the H.264 
bitstream. He will also develop a statistical machaine learning strategy 
and / or deep learning scheme to score the quality of each video frame.
The candidate is expected to carry out research and publish their 
findings peer-reviewed journal of the domain.

- Recognized skills (MsC level) in Image and Video Processing, Video 
Quality Assessment, H.264 compression, Object Oriented Programming and 
Matlab prototyping are required.
- A first experience as a study engineer in image / video processing 
would be a plus.
- must be proactive, cooperative, flexible, and able to respond 
according to the circumstances.
- must also have good communication skills and be able to cooperate with 
the relevant personnel within/outside of the laboratory to fulfill the 

*Work location:*
GREYC lab, Campus 2, 14 000 Caen, France

Nov. 9th, 2020

*Start of employment:*
January 1rst

*Contact Information *
Ass. Pr. Christophe Charrier (christophe.charrier at unicaen.fr)

Maître de Conférences HDR, Normandie Université, UNICAEN

Research                    | Teaching
GREYC Lab., UMR CNRS 6072.  | IUT Grand Ouest Nornamdie
Campus 2, 6 bd. Mal Juin.   | Multimedia and Internet Dept.
F-14032, Caen               | 120, rue de l'exode
                             | F-50000, Saint-Lô
Tel: +33 2 31 53 81 80      | +33 2 33 77 55 12

URL : https://charrierc.users.greyc.fr/

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