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Human Visual Cognition Special Issue, Call for Papers

Journal of Imaging. This is a call for papers that review research in key areas of human visual cognition. Papers should present an expert’s view of the problem and theoretical approach, and describe supportive evidence with elegance. The larger goal is to review wonders of human visual cognition, supported by current evidence, for educated readers such as computer imaging scientists and graduate students of all stripes. Papers should provide big-picture insight into human visual cognition. Length and tone should approximate an accessible chapter from a classic chapter collection, with reasonable explanation, and better pictures.

The domain of visual cognition: VC is a set of high-level processes that operate on incoming stimulation to select and extract meaningful information. Papers in all areas of human visual cognition with research achievement will be considered. Empirical papers and new data should be submitted elsewhere.

Many processes of visual cognition evolved for the everyday human activity of perceiving scenes, which is very dynamic, varying markedly with situational and task variables, and changing in size and temporal scale, breadth, content, and product. Research areas that reflect such dynamics are of particular interest.

Inquiries welcome
Sanocki at usf.edu<mailto:Sanocki at usf.edu>

Website for Special Issue:

Note: This open-access journal has a modest publication fee, and a number of waivers are being provided by the publisher.

Keywords:  Visual cognition, attention, scene perception, event perception, categorization, task switching

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