[visionlist] Contents of visionlist digest Vol 50, Issue 3, 1. Software for monitoring behavior in alert primate experiments (Amir Shmuel, Dr.)

Ari Rosenberg ari.rosenberg at wisc.edu
Wed Feb 3 02:33:13 -04 2021

Hi Amir,

You could try our REC-GUI system, which meets all your listed control system criteria.

It is described here: Kim B, Kenchappa SC, Sunkara A, Chang TY, Thompson L, Doudlah R, and Rosenberg A (2019) Real-time experimental control using network-based parallel processing. eLife, 8: e40231.

We have developed several resources that would help you get started.
REC-GUI website: https://recgui2018.wixsite.com/rec-gui
Github: https://github.com/rec-gui/rec-gui
Open Science Foundation: https://osf.io/762p4/
youtube Tutorials: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCWqf4wJ5WSkHNhsvKUcmt0A

To get a sense of its capabilities for NHP experiments, you can check these studies:
Chang TY, Doudlah R, Kim B, Sunkara A, Thompson LW, Lowe ME, and Rosenberg A (2020) Functional links between sensory representations, choice activity, and sensorimotor associations in parietal cortex. eLife, 9: e57968.

Chang TY, Thompson L, Doudlah R, Kim B, Sunkara A, and Rosenberg A (2020) Optimized but not maximized cue integration for 3D visual perception. eNeuro, 7(1): 1-18.

Hope this helps. Let us know if you have any questions.

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