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A special issue of Applied Sciences (Scopus CiteScore: 2.4;  Impact 
Factor 2,217; ISSN 2076-3417). This special issue belongs to the section 
"Computing and Artificial Intelligence".


Deadline for manuscript submissions: 31 May 2021.

Dear Colleagues,

Medical images contain plenty of information about the anatomical 
structures that are important for a valid diagnosis, and then can be 
helpful to doctors for determining the most adequate treatment. The 
analysis and processing of biomedical images is an interdisciplinary and 
dynamic area of specialization, covering biology, physics, medicine, 
engineering, and computer science. The main objective is the application 
of image processing and analysis techniques to biological or medical 
problems. For instance, in biomedicine, it is possible to use 
computational methods of image processing and analysis to model and 
visualize human organs from medical images. These methods can have 
different objectives, such as enhanced visualization, 3D reconstruction, 
segmentation, motion and deformation analysis, and registration.

This Special Issue on Advanced Image Analysis and Processing for 
Biomedical Applications aims to provide an assorted and complementary 
collection of contributions showing new advancements and applications of 
advanced imaging analysis and processing in the biomedical imaging area. 
The ultimate objective is to promote research and advancement in the 
field, by publishing high-quality research articles and reviews in this 
rapidly growing interdisciplinary field.

Topics of interest include, but are not limited to, the following:
- Image enhancement, segmentation, registration, and fusion for 
biomedical applications;
- Image acquisition and processing for biomedical applications;
- Reconstruction, motion, and deformation analysis for biomedical 
- Computer-aided diagnosis, surgery, therapy, treatment, and 
telemedicine systems;
- Application of machine learning and artificial intelligence in medicine;
- Telemedicine systems for elderly care;
- Mobile applications and low-cost systems;
- Sparse representation and dictionary learning-based methods for 
medical image processing and understanding;
- Deep learning for biomedical image analysis;
- Natural language processing for biomedical image analysis;
- Bio-inspired contour detection;
- Biomedical ultrasonics;
- Fluorescence image analysis;
- Cardiovascular image analysis;
- Super-resolution microscopy;
- Retinal image analysis;
- Virtual surgery.

Guest Editors:
Francesco Isgrò, Andrea Apicella, Domenico Tegolo, Cesare Valenti, 
Roberto Prevete

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