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The University of Girona has currently open a full-time PhD position with the Computer Vision and Robotics Institute (VICOROB). We are seeking very strong candidates  to work on the intersection of deep learning and underwater robotics.

This position is aligned, but not limited, with the goals of EU H2020 project DeeperSense. DeeperSense seeks novel approaches of using data-driven Deep Learning to combine non-visual and visual sensors with the objective of improving environment perception beyond the abilities of the individual sensors. We focus on underwater robotics as a challenging and impactful domain for demonstration and verification of results.

One goal of this PhD work will be to use advanced machine learning to enable multisensor fusion of different sources, such as side scan sonars, multibeam echosounders and others. Optical imagery will be used as a layer for training and benchmarking, with the overall objective of allowing accurate sea-floor characterization from an AUV without the need for optical imagery.

Other topics of research will be tailored to the student’s interests and may include methods based on machine learning for processing forward looking sonar in mapping in 2D and 3D, explainable AI applied to sensors and others.

Tasks and Responsibilities


    Development of novel perception methods for underwater robotics based on optics and acoustics.


    Development of novel approaches for intersensoric learning.


    Authoring and co-authoring of journal and conference articles


    Participation in field experiments using the underwater robots of the University of Girona

Prerequisites. Applicants should hold a MSc degree in computer science or other disciplines related to data science and robotics, such as control engineering, electrical engineering, mathematics or physics.

PhD Enrollment: The student will be awarded a PhD in Technology, from the School of Doctoral Studies of the University of Girona. The work involves collaboration and possible stays with DFKI (Germany), University of Haifa (Israel), and the companies Tecnoambiente, SL (Spain) and Kraken Robotics (Germany)

Duration of the position: 36 months

Main academic supervisors: Prof. Rafael Garcia, rafael.garcia at udg.edu and Dr. Nuno Gracias, ngracias at silver.udg.edu

For more details and submission instructions,  please refer to the extended information provided in


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