[visionlist] two research posts at the University of York in binocular vision

Daniel Baker daniel.baker at york.ac.uk
Thu Apr 22 11:53:19 -04 2021

Dear CVnet/Visionlist,

Two 3-year posts are available to work with me and Alex Wade on a 
project on binocular vision. We have one postdoctoral and one 
pre-doctoral position, both based in York (UK). The project is focussed 
on understanding how the brain combines information across the eyes, 
particularly in pathways that do not directly contribute to perception. 
Examples include the sub-cortical pathway that governs pupil diameter, 
and motion-specific pathways that drive eye movements. We are 
particularly interested in the contributions of different photoreceptor 
types, including the melanopsin channel. Please pass on the links below 
to any interested students/postdocs, and note that the application 
deadlines are in early May.

All the best,

  - Daniel Baker

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Research fellow:

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