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Dear all,
sorry for cross-posting, but the deadline for this position is coming.

Any help in spreading the word to the possible candidates will be

Visual Optics Group at Department of Optics and Photonics, Wrocław
University of Science and Technology (vog.pwr.edu.pl) is seeking a
Researcher* to work on the basic science project entitled: *“Complex
analysis of oscillatory inertial movements of the crystalline lens”*,
funded by National Science Centre (reference number: 2019/35/B/ST7/03998).

The objective of the project is to discover the nature of crystalline lens
oscillatory movements, also referred to as "lens wobbling". These inertial
movements are evoked by changing the gaze, when the eye undergoes rapid
rotational movement and is suddenly stopped. The wobbling has a nature of
damped oscillations, which can be described by their initial amplitude,
damping factor and frequency. Although it seems obvious that the
intraocular pressure (IOP) has some influence on the parameters of these
lens wobbling, the relation between the IOP and the parameters of
oscillations has not yet been studied.

The project is meant to merge multidisciplinary research from the areas of
biomedical/mechanical engineering, computer science (modelling tools),
physics (classical mechanics) and physiological optics.

As a Postdoctoral Researcher you will be responsible for: a) development of
a biomechanical porcine and human eyeball FEM model that would include all
the relevant structures and material properties that may affect the lens
wobbling b) planning and performing the in silico experiments of FEM
modelling of the inertial movements of the crystalline lens within the eye
(both: porcine and human), c) use the machine learning techniques in order
to search for relations between both the mechanical and geometrical
parameters of the model, d) analyse the acquired data. You are also
expected to collaborate with team members, perform literature research,
participate in lab meetings, prepare manuscripts for publications and
present results during scientific conferences.


   - Full time employment contract for 12 to 24 months.
   - Competitive gross salary: 120 000 PLN/year, (approx. 25 000 EUR/year),
   which is full remuneration cost, including full social security and health
   - Position with 100% focus on research (no teaching responsibilities).
   - Full technical and organizational support from English-speaking
   - Participation in international conferences.
   - Opportunity to work in a team of highly motivated young researchers.
   - Opportunity to work and live in the historical, multicultural city of

Research fields: Mechanical engineering, Biomedical engineering,
Computational physics, Biophysics, Classical mechanics or Modelling tools
with 4-10 years of experience


   - doctoral degree in mechanical engineering, biomedical engineering or
   in physics or other relevant field (obtained not earlier than in 2014)
   - experience in modelling of the dynamical processes in FEM software
   (familiarity with any FEM software is a must)
   - familiarity with the principles of machine learning and surrogate
   models training
   - good knowledge of description of mechanical material properties
   (including non-linearity and visco-elasticity) and their implementation to
   FEM software
   - good knowledge of numerical methods and Matlab environment
   - publication record on FEM modelling in use of mechanical, physical
   and/or biomedical engineering
   - willingness to learn and to take new challenges, high motivation,
   analytical skills and independent thinking
   - ability to work in a team, good organization of work
   - experience with scientific data presentation and manuscript preparation
   - very good written and oral communication skills in English
   - fulfilment the formal criteria of the competition listed in NCN
   particular in section 2.1 of the document)


   1. Personal questionnaire for the person applying for employment (download
   the form in *.docx format
   2. Professional curriculum vitae
   3. Copy of higher education diploma
   4. Copy of doctorate certificate
   5. List of publications (including fulltext files, if possible)
   6. The information clause and the consent clause for personal data
   processing for Candidates in competitions for academic positions (download
   the form in *.pdf format
   7. At least one (max three) reference letters

Please submit all the required documents to damian.siedlecki at pwr.edu.pl with
annotation “Wobbling Postdoctoral Researcher” in the subject field.

*May 31st, 2021*

*October 1st, 2021* (negotiable)

The selection procedure will have two stages:
Stage 1 – The Committee (comprising the project leader and two researchers
from the Department of Optics and Photonics, WUST) will review the
documents. This analysis will lead to selection of candidates to
participate in stage 2 of the competition. We reserve the right to contact
only selected candidates.
Stage 2 – Qualification interviews of candidates with the Committee via
online meeting tool (Zoom or MS Teams). The interviews are planned to take
place in the first 2 weeks of June 2021.
The competition may be extended until a suitable candidate who fulfils all
the requirements is found.

For more information:

   - please visit the Euraxess page:
   - or contact me directly: damian.siedlecki at pwr.edu.pl

Kind regards,
Damian Siedlecki

*Damian Siedlecki, PhD*
Assistant Professor
Visual Optics Group
Department of Optics and Photonics
Wroclaw University of Science and Technology
Wybrzeze Wyspianskiego 27
50370 Wroclaw, POLAND
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