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Dear researchers, 
We are less than two weeks away from the "Modeling Electrophysiological Activities: From Single Neuron to Nervous Tissue" Online Course, which will be held by Dr. Damien Depannemaecker, Post-Doc researcher at Department of Integrative and Computational Neuroscience, Paris Saclay Institute of Neuroscience, France (Click HERE for more information about his researches and background). This course is coming after an introductory webinar, which you can watch now using the link below: https://sciencebeam.com/modeling-electrophysiological-activities/ 
This course aims to discuss models in neuroscience and particularly models of electrophysiological activities. During the course, we will discuss the field of application of such models. We will introduce the concepts of dynamical systems. Then we will implement these models during lab sessions. Finally, we will discuss the results of simulations in relation to the data obtained experimentally. 
Prospective Overview of Sessions:
➢ Session 1 (May 25th):
• Systems and complex system in neurosciences
• Origines of electrophysiological signals and measurements
• Electrophysiology and relevant features for computational modeling  (Membrane potential, Raster plot, Local field potential)
➢ Session 2:
• Understanding the time evolution of the electrophysiological signals from a dynamical systems point of view.
• Introduction to dynamical systems for neurosciences (Differential equations, Phase space representation, Stability and domain of attraction)
• Unidimensional and bi-dimensional models (Dynamics of integrate-and-fire models, Repertoire of 2 D models, Reduction of Hodgkin-Huxley model)
➢ Session 3:
• 2D and Higher dimensions models (Particular role of the reset, Possibility of chaos)
• Models of synapses
• Limits of models (Biophysical and mechanistic description, Phenomenology)
• Introduction to the first lab session (with Brian2 simulator)
➢ Session 4:
• First Lab Session:
- Repertoire of electrophysiological patterns
- Models of networks
- Global measure on simulations
➢ Session 5:
• Second lab session:
- analysis of the results
- relations to the data
• Conclusive discussion

• Due to time zone differences, the recorded sessions will be provided for the participants.
• A certificate is granted by ScienceBeam upon completion of the course.
• In case of group registration (more than 3 people), you benefit from a 15% discount on your registration fees.

Register NOW using the link below:

If you require more information, don’t hesitate to contact me.

Mary Reae
Human Neuroscience Department Manager

WhatsAppno: 008613380781282
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