[visionlist] Workshop talks online for 3D-DLAD-v3 (3rd workshop) on 3D Deep Learning for Autonomous Driving at IV 2021

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Wed Jul 21 05:32:38 -04 2021

Hello All,

The workshop from the *3D-DLAD-v3 (3rd 3D Deep Learning for Autonomous
Driving) **workshop* organized as a part of the flagship automotive
conference Intelligent Vehicles 2021 https://2021.ieee-iv.org/ are now
available online here :


A recall of the talks presented at the workshop :

   - On Monocular Depth Estimation: (1) MonoDEVS ; (2) Multi-modal
   Co-training, Dr. Antonio M. López
   - Point-based recognition, Prof. Philipp Krähenbühl
   - Lidar Segmentation at Motional, Venice Liong
   - Co-Development of Automatic Annotation for Machine Learning and Sensor
   Fusion Improvement System, Stefan Haag
   - Radar Perception for Automated Driving – Data and Methods, Ole Schumann
   - Perception Data Pipeline at Innoviz Technologies, Amir Day
   - [paper 1] The Oxford Road Boundaries Dataset, Tarlan Suleymanov*,
   Matthew Gadd, Daniele De Martini, Paul Newman
   - [paper2] Unsupervised Joint Multi-Task Learning of Vision Geometry
   Tasks, Prabhash Kumar Jha*, Doychin Tsanev, Luka Lukic
   - [paper3] CFTrack: Center-based Radar and Camera Fusion for 3D Multi
   Object Tracking, Ramin Nabati, Landon Harris, Hairong Qi
   - [paper4] Machine learning based 3D object detection for navigation in
   unstructured environments, Gjorgji Nikolovski, Michael Reke*, Ingo Elsen,
   Stefan Schiffer
   - [paper5] Pruning CNNs for LiDAR-based Perception in Resource
   Constrained Environments, Manoj Vemparala*, Anmol Singh, Ahmed Mzid, Nael
   Fasfous, Alexander Frickenstein, Florian Mirus, Hans Joerg Voegel, Naveen
   Shankar Nagaraja, Walter Stechele
   - Modern methods of visual localization, Dr. Martin Humenberger
   - All-In-One Drive: A Large-Scale Comprehensive Perception Dataset with
   High-Density Long-Range Point Clouds, Xinshuo Weng
   - Offboard Perception for Autonomous Driving, Charles R Qi
   - Using Artificial Intelligence layer to transform high-resolution radar
   point cloud into insights for Autonomous Driving applications, Sani Ronen
   - Self-supervised 3D vision, Dr. Rareș Ambruș

Best regards,
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