[visionlist] Date Correction - OSA Vision and Color Summer Data Blast on Variations in Color Vision - Wednesday, July 28th at 11:00 EDT

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Mon Jul 26 12:09:47 -04 2021

Dear Members of OSA Color and Vision Communities!

You’re invited to join the technical groups of the OSA Vision and Color Technical Division for their Data Blast Series on Wednesday, July 28th at 11:00 EDT (not July 27th as previously sent).

The theme for this week’s session is ‘Variation in Color Vision: Individual Differences, Anomalies and Deficiencies’ and will feature the following talks:

Missing Tetrachromats: Explaining the Gap Between Genes and Perception presented by Dragos L. Rezeanu, University of Washington
An AAV Vector Carrying a Chimeric Photopigment for Testing a Novel Color Vision Theory presented by Rachel Barborek, University of Washington
Effect of Stimulus Size on Subjective Color Spaces for Red-Green Dichromats presented by Leticia Alvaro, Universidad Complutense de Madrid
Task-Dependent Contrast Gain in Anomalous Trichromats presented by John Erik Vanston, University of California, Berkeley
Natural Image Reconstruction From Trichromatic Cone Mosaics: Effects of Color Anomaly presented by Lingqi Zhang, University of Pennsylvania
Developing a Task-Specific Visual Aid for Dichromacy presented by Ruben Pastilha, Newcastle University
Impact of Color Matching Primaries on Observer Variability presented by Jiaye Li, KU Leuven
The Limitation of Standard Pseudo-Isochromatic Plates in Identifying Color Vision Deficiencies When Compared with Genetic Testing presented by Solveig Arnegard, University of Sothern-Eastern Norway
Variability in Colour Vision Assessment Outcomes presented by Benjamin Evans, City, University of London
International Comparison of Brightness Perception of Facial Skin Influenced by Skin Colors presented by Yuanyuan He, Chiba University

Our moderator for this session will be Javier Hernández-Andrés, University of Granada, executive committee member for the OSA Color Technical Group.

Please register to this webinar at:
https://osa.zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_-q_F7SFrT4mEvaOvIYBTFQ <https://osa.zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_-q_F7SFrT4mEvaOvIYBTFQ>

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