[visionlist] CFP: ROAD @ ICCV 2021: Final Call for Papers (August 5)

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ROAD @ ICCV 2021: Final Call for Papers

The deadline for submitting papers to the ICCV 2021 workshop

"The ROAD challenge: Event detection for situation awareness in autonomous

has been extended to ***August 5 2021***


Decisions will be made public on August 12. Camera-ready will need to be
submitted by August 17 to fit the ICCV 2021 publication timeline.

The deadline for submitting entries to the Challenge has also been extended
to ***September 30 2021***


The goal of this Workshop/Challenge is to put to the forefront of the
research in autonomous driving "situation awareness", intended as the
ability to create semantically useful representations of
dynamic road scenes in terms of the notion of 'road event', leveraging our
recently released ROad event Awareness Dataset for autonomous driving


The Challenge proposes three video-level detection tasks: (1) agent
detection, (2) action detection and (3) road event detection, intended as a
triplet (agent, action, location).

All tasks consist in regressing 'tubes' of temporally linked bounding boxes
and the associated label(s). Researchers active in object detection or
action detection are especially encouraged to participate!

The dataset is composed by 22 long duration (8-minute-long) videos in
diverse weather conditions, making the above detection tasks extremely

As for the papers, we invite contributions on the following topics:

Detecting and modelling 'atomic' events.

Detecting and modelling complex activities.

Predicting agent intentions.
Dynamic scene understanding from streaming videos.
Predicting the trajectory of pedestrians, vehicles and other road users.
Forecasting future road events (both atomic and complex).
Decision making, both via reinforcement/imitation learning and via
intermediate representations, and a critical/empirical comparison between
the two approaches.
Explicability of both perception and decision making components of
autonomous driving.
Modelling road scenarios in a multi-agent framework.
Modelling the reasoning processes of road agents in terms of goals or
mental states.
Machine theory of mind for autonomous vehicles.
The role of incremental, life-long and continual learning in autonomous
driving, with a focus on situation awareness.
The use of realistic simulations to generate training data for semantic
scene understanding.
Testing and certification of AI algorithms for autonomous driving.
The ethical implications of situation awareness and automated decision

Papers will be published as posters in two sessions. The winners of a Best
Paper and a Best Student Paper award will instead give an oral
presentation, as will the authors of the top entry in each Challenge task.

Papers must follow the ICCV 2021 template and be submitted via CMT:


The Workshop will allow for the submission of papers concurrently submitted
elsewhere to aggregate all relevant efforts in this area.

We have secured an array of prestigious Invited Speakers:

Raquel Urtasun (Toronto)
Adrien Gaidon (TRI)
Daniela Rus (MIT)
Deva Ramanan (CMU)
Paul Newman (Oxford  University)

The workshop will also host a panel discussion on the future and ethical
implications of autonomous driving.


Fabio Cuzzolin, Andrew Bradley (Oxford Brookes University)
Gurkirt singh (ETH)
Reza Javanmard Alitappeh (Mazandaran University)
Stanislao Grazioso, Giuseppe Di Gironimo, Valentina Fontana (Federico II
 University, Naples)
Valentina Mușat (Oxford  University)
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