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The program for this year's CCN is now available at http://ccneuro.org <http://ccneuro.org/>.

Held online from Sep 7-24, 2021, the events include Keynotes & Tutorials:

  Controversial stimuli: Optimizing experiments to adjudicate among computational hypotheses 
  Nikolaus Kriegeskorte, Tal Golan, Wenxuan Guo

  Voxelwise Modeling: a powerful framework for recovering functional maps from fMRI data
  Fatma Deniz, Jack Gallant, Matteo Visconti di Oleggio Castello, Tom Dupre la Tour, Mark Lescroart

  Flexible identification of population dynamics from neural activity recordings
  Mikhail Genkin and Tatiana Engel

As well as Generative Adversarial Collaborations:

  What constitutes understanding of ventral pathway function?
  Charles Connor, Gabriel Kreiman, Carlos R Ponce, Carl Craver, Margaret Livingstone, Martin Schrimpf, Binxu Wang

  How does visual experience shape representations and transformations along the ventral stream?
  Maria Bedny, Nancy Kanwisher, Olivier Collignon, Ilker Yildirim, Elizabeth Saccone, Apurva Ratan Murty, Stefania Mattioni

  How does the brain combine generative models and direct discriminative computations in high-level vision?
  James J. DiCarlo, Ralf Haefner, Leyla Isik, Talia Konkle, Nikolaus Kriegeskorte, Benjamin Peters, Nicole Rust, Kim Stachenfeld, Joshua B. Tenenbaum, Doris Tsao, Ilker Yildirim

  What makes representations “useful”?
  Ben Baker, Richard Lange, Alessandro Achille, Rosa Cao, Nikolaus Kriegeskorte, Odelia Schwartz, Xaq Pitkow

And results from the Algonauts 2021 competition.

Please visit http://ccneuro.org <http://ccneuro.org/> for more information.

--CCN organizers

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