[visionlist] Reg. A measure of psychological/attention engagement in the context of app usage

Varun Ramgopal varbe1796 at gmail.com
Thu Sep 9 14:36:55 -04 2021

Dear all,
    I am just trying to explore how an app can be designed from a
behavioural science perspective such that the app involves minimal
cognitive load and maximizes the user's experience in terms of
user-friendliness. I was just wondering whether there were any
cognitive/motivation/attention measures (apart from a cognitive load test)
that could measure an individual's psychological engagement while he/she
engages in a task-a measure that we can extrapolate to the domain of UX

I was thinking along the lines of colour psychology in terms of how colours
play an integral role in engaging a person's attention and whether we could
come up with a technique that measures how different colour combinations
used within the app influences an individual's motivation to use the app or
their perception of the app. I would much appreciate it if any of you could
suggest suitable measures or direct me to relevant papers.

Thanking You,
Kind Regards,
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