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Dear colleagues,

I would like to kindly invite you to consider the "Special Issue on Video
Computation and Reconstruction in Digital Twins", Image and Vision
Computing, Elsevier.

More *details* at:

At present, the implementation of Digital Twins in video computing and
video reconstruction depends on a large variety of technology challenges,
which they can be identified through four layers that start from the basic
data acquisition layer to the top application layer, namely, the data
support layer, the modeling computing layer, the Digital Twins function
layer, and the immersion experience layer. The realization of each layer is
based on the previous layers, which further enriches and expands the
functions of the previous layers. The aim of this special issue is to
provide readers with a comprehensive overview of the application of the
Digital Twins technology in the field of video computing and video
reconstruction. Especially related research on the functional layer of
Digital Twins. Meanwhile, original works and comment articles are welcomed
here, as well as opinions, methods, and modeling research.

The *topics* may include but are not limited to:
- Data Security of Digital Twins in Video Reconstruction
- Modeling and Calculation of Digital Twins in Video Reconstruction
- Multi-scale Fusion Modeling of Digital Twins in Video Reconstruction
- Physical Vision System of Digital Twins in Video Reconstruction
- Design of Digital Twins System Cluster in Video Reconstruction
- Model Authentication and Continuous Guarantee Method of Digital Twins
- Data-Driven and Physical Model Fusion State Evaluation
- Scene Data Acquisition and Transmission Based on Video Computing
- Digital Twins Complex Virtual Reality System Based on Video Computing
- VR Effect of Digital Twin Technology on Video Reconstruction
- High-Performance Computing for Complex Functions of Digital Twins System
- Diversified Application Scenarios of Digital Twins System

*Important Dates*

Full Paper Submission: December 20, 2021
Decisions on Acceptance/ Rebuttal: February 20, 2022
Final Papers Submission: April 20, 2022

*Guest Editors*

*Haibin Lv *- lvhaibinsoa at gmail.com
North China Sea Offshore Engineering Survey Institute, Ministry Of Natural
Resources North Sea Bureau, Qingdao, China

*Fabio Poiesi* - poiesi at fbk.eu
Fondazione Bruno Kessler, Italy

*Jun Shen *- jshen at uow.edu.au
Associate Professor, School of Computing and Information Technology,
University of Wollongong, Australia
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