[visionlist] Open position in Modeling at the Allen Institute

Anton Arkhipov antona at alleninstitute.org
Wed Oct 6 01:32:11 -04 2021

Are you excited about building bio-realistic, large-scale models of brain circuits? Do you enjoy collaborative, team science environment? Do you want to contribute to understanding fundamental mechanisms of brain function?

If yes, this job opening might be for you!

Check out this Scientist position in the lab of Anton Arkhipov at the Allen Institute in Seattle:

The Scientist will build bio-realistic models and simulate the entrainment of neuronal populations by periodic sensory stimulation at different frequencies. This NIH BRAIN Initiative-sponsored project will leverage our expertise in modeling and unique data on cortex composition and connectivity at the Allen Institute, as well as experimental data from our collaborators at the group of Dr. Li-Huei Tsai at MIT.

Relevant resources and publications:

  *   https://portal.brain-map.org/explore/models/mv1-all-layers
  *   https://portal.brain-map.org/explore/connectivity
  *   Iaccarino et al., Nature (2016); Adaikkan et al., Neuron (2019); Martorell et al., Cell (2019)

The Allen Institute believes that team science significantly benefits from the participation of diverse voices, experiences and backgrounds. High-quality science can only be produced when it includes different perspectives. We are committed to increasing diversity across every team and encourage people from all backgrounds to apply for this role.

Anton Arkhipov
Associate Investigator
T:   206.548.8414
E: antona at alleninstitute.org<mailto:antona at alleninstitute.org>
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