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Amiram Grinvald, a long-time friend and colleague, has died in Israel.  
His contributions to our field were numerous, and their impact will be 
long lasting. First among those was his discovery (in 1986) of the 
/intrinsic optical signal/, which allows (indirect) observation of 
neural activity without the use of any dye. With this tool of Optical 
Imaging, his lab discovered the now-famous pinwheel arrangement of 
orientation selectivity in the primary visual cortex. The method has 
spread to many laboratories and fields, and the approach is now often 
used to guide and locate probes such as multi-contact electrodes. His 
group then applied optical imaging to retinal research, where it is used 
for both basic and clinical research and treatment. Amiram’s numerous 
contributions brought him much fame and recognition, and he received 
numerous prizes and awards, but he always remained down to earth, just 
as he was as a young post-doc, when I first met him in Woods Hole. He 
approached everything with great focus and intensity, and the persistent 
pain in my right shoulder still attests to the fierceness with which we 
played tennis together. He was passionate about everything he did-- from 
science to eating anything that humans might eat somewhere on the 
planet.   He will be greatly missed. image:

Ehud Kaplan, Ph.D. Visiting Professor Dept. of Philosophy & History of 
Science Charles University, Prague & the National Institute of Mental 
Health, Topolová 748, Klecany Czechia

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