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The University Hospital Institute of Image-Guided Surgery (IHU 
Strasbourg) is searching for a scientist to conduct research in 
federated learning for medical data to help develop generalizable and 
efficient ML algorithms under the scope of self-supervision, domain 
shift, improved data utility detection, learning through noisy 
labelling.IHU has been in the forefront of research in surgical AI with 
its state-of-the-art facilities and multidisciplinary team of computer 
scientists and research surgeons. The candidate will have the 
opportunity to work closely with researchers in the space of surgical 
AI, to mentor and to shape research. The candidate will have the 
pleasure to live in Strasbourg, one of the most beautiful and vibrant 
cities in Europe.

How to apply

  * Please email your resume at alexandros.karargyris at ihu-strasbourg.eu
    with the title "Research Scientist in FL"
  * Position is open until filled
  * Initially, 2-year contract with a possibility to extend or convert
    to permanent position


  * Strong background in machine learning
  * Proven experience in Federated Learning through publication(s)
    and/or code (e.g. Github) is a plus but not a requirement
  * Background in medical data (e.g., imaging, health records, genomics,
    etc.) is a plus but not a requirement
  * Python
  * Tensorflow, PyTorch, or Keras


  * Perform research in Federated Learning algorithms
  * Publish peer-reviewed papers
  * Participate in research meetings with top industry partners and
    contribute code to open research community (e.g. MLCommons)
  * Provide mentorship

About the institute
The University Hospital Institute of Image-Guided Surgery (IHU 
Strasbourg) i is a unique research facility offering a true 
multidisciplinary environment to innovate in the image-guided surgery 
domain. Surgeons and engineers work closely together on practical as 
well as moonshot research ideas. Promising ideas are funded and 
supported internally, competitive research grants or partnership 
programs, while developed and validated ideas are translated to products 
through licensing and startup spin-offs. The institute has strong 
collaborations with academia and industry. Located in the heart of 
Strasbourg’s historic hospital campus, the IHU Strasbourg is an 
international medical-surgical centre created in 2011, specialising in 
minimally invasive approaches (laparoscopy, flexible endoscopy, 
ultrasound, percutaneous surgery). The IHU brings together care, 
research, training, and technology transfer activities in an exceptional 
setting for the benefit of patients. Surgeons and engineers work in 
close collaboration on applied and innovative research topics. Upstream 
topics (TRL 0 to 2) are funded and supported internally through 
competitive research grants or partnership programmes. Mature topics 
(TRL 3 to 5) are transformed into products through licensing and 
spin-off companies. The Institute has strong collaborations with 
academia and industry

About the lab
The research group CAMMA (Computational Analysis and Modelling of 
Medical Activities) numbers approximately 30 researchers with 
interdisciplinary backgrounds, led by Prof. Nicolas Padoy. CAMMA aims at 
developing new tools and methods based on computer vision, medical image 
analysis, and machine learning to perceive, model, analyze, and support 
clinician and staff activities in the operating room (OR) using the vast 
amount of digital data generated during surgeries. CAMMA is a joint 
group of ICube at the University of Strasbourg and the Institut 
Hospitalo-Universitaire of Strasbourg (IHU Strasbourg). Our offices are 
located on the campus of Strasbourg’s University Hospital in the 
ultramodern facilities of IHU Strasbourg, a walking distance from the 
beautiful historic city center of Strasbourg. Due to its unique location 
and collaborations, the group has privileged access to multiple 
resources for high-performance computing, preclinical and clinical 
platforms for fast prototyping, and offers new and modern office space 
for its members.

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