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A PhD studentship is available as part of the ERC-funded project COLOURCODE, investigating the neural basis of subjective colour experience. The PhD student will use individual differences in colour perception to explore the constraints placed on subjective colour experience by neural hardware and environment. For instance, does the presence of an extra receptor type (e.g. in women carrying a gene for anomalous trichromacy) confer an extra dimension of subjective colour experience? Can dichromats (with only two receptor types) experience the same colours subjectively as normal trichromats (with three)? Do the environments that different observers inhabit calibrate their subjective colour experience? The project will use psychophysical methods, and for interested students there is also the possibility of using EEG and/or fMRI.
The PhD student will become part of the COLOURCODE team supervised by Dr. Jenny Bosten<https://profiles.sussex.ac.uk/p348308-jenny-bosten>. There is a thriving vision science community at the University of Sussex studying vision and colour perception at all levels from retinal processes in animals (e.g. Professor Tom Baden<https://profiles.sussex.ac.uk/p379418-thomas-baden> and Professor Daniel Osorio<https://profiles.sussex.ac.uk/p531-daniel-colaco-osorio>), to the many facets of human colour perception (Bosten and Professor Anna Franklin<https://profiles.sussex.ac.uk/p256540-anna-franklin>), to high level cognition and consciousness (e.g. Professor Jamie Ward<https://profiles.sussex.ac.uk/p92444-jamie-ward> and Professor Anil Seth<https://profiles.sussex.ac.uk/p22981-anil-seth>). The PhD student would become part of the Sussex Vision lab<https://jennybosten.wixsite.com/visionlab> and the Sussex Colour Group<https://www.sussexcolourgroup.co.uk/>, benefitting from the expertise and collaboration of all researchers involved.
The University of Sussex<https://www.sussex.ac.uk/> is a research-intensive university located in Brighton, UK, which is a historic, busy and beautiful coastal city set in the scenic hills of the South Downs<https://www.southdowns.gov.uk/>, a 1 hr train journey from London.
The funding available covers:

  *   A stipend for 3 years (tied to the UKRI studentship rates, currently £15,609 p.a.) to cover living costs
  *   UK Home fees and research/training costs are also covered.
  *   International students may apply for this Home/UK studentship but must fund the difference between UK Home fees and International fees (approximately £18,500 per year). One option is self-funding.
  *   The School has one Scholarship available for an International student<https://www.sussex.ac.uk/study/fees-funding/phd-funding/view/1379-Psychology-Doctoral-Research-Studentship-(International)> which covers a 3 year stipend AND Overseas fees. It will be competitive and you will be considered alongside applicants from across Psychology. If you wish to be considered for funding for overseas fees then please indicate this in your application.
  *   You will also be expected to take up Doctoral Tutoring during your 6 semesters (3 years) of funding. This work is paid at Grade 5.1 (currently £13.88 per hour), and covers contact time, preparation and marking. You will be expected to work approximately 165 hours per year, dependent on modules selected and availability.

The application deadline is 18th January 2022. For further information please email Jenny Bosten<mailto:j.bosten at sussex.ac.uk>. For more details including how to apply, please visit: https://www.sussex.ac.uk/study/fees-funding/phd-funding/view/1398-Psychology-Doctoral-Research-Studentship-Individual-differences-in-colour-experience
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