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Dear All

* Apologies for cross-posting*

The *Center for Robotics and Neural Systems* (CRNS) is pleased to announce
the talk of *Dr. Séverin Lemaignan* who is a senior scientist at *PAL
Robotics*, Spain on Wednesday, March 2nd  from *11:00 am* to *12:30*
*pm* (*London
time*) over *Zoom*.

>> *Events*: The CRNS talk series will cover a wide range of topics
including social and cognitive robotics, computational neuroscience,
computational linguistics, cognitive vision, machine learning, AI, and
applications to autism. More details are available here:


>> *Link for the next event (No Registration is Required)*:

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>> *Title of the talk*:  Teaching robots autonomy in social situations


Participatory methodologies are now well established in social robotics to
generate blueprints of what robots should do to assist humans. The actual
implementation of these blueprints, however, remains a technical challenge
for us, roboticists, and the end-users are not usually involved at that
In two recent studies, we have however shown that, under the right
conditions, robots can directly learn their behaviours from domain experts,
replacing the traditional heuristic-based or plan-based robot controllers
by autonomously learnt social policies. We have derived from these studies
a novel 'end-to-end' participatory methodology called LEADOR, that I will
introduce during the seminar.
I will also discuss recent progress on human perception and modeling in a
ROS environment with the emerging ROS4HRI standard.

>> If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact me,



*Dr. Amir Aly*

Lecturer in Artificial Intelligence and Robotics

Center for Robotics and Neural Systems (CRNS)

School of Engineering, Computing, and Mathematics

Room B332, Portland Square, Drake Circus, PL4 8AA

University of Plymouth, UK
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