[visionlist] CFP: Baltic NeuroCine Conference May 16-18, 2022 at TallinnUniversity

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“Feel free to distribute to researchers and students to whom this may be of interest."

Dear Colleagues,

Do not miss the unique Baltic NeuroCine conference!

Check Baltic NeuroCine kick-off conference <http://enactivevirtuality.tlu.ee/baltic-neurocine-kick-off-conference-tallinn-may-16-17-2022/> May 16-18, at Tallinn  University

Call for papers and workshop proposals closing by March 5, 2022.

Register here  <https://konverentsikeskus.tlu.ee/en/registration-form-baltic-neurocine-kick-conference?fbclid=IwAR107iXX9WGgSTHFuO6UtBC2IqEyWH83N_rpNW_JXopS5zwUncPSJSkhY1U> at the Official Tallinn University conference webpage <https://www.tlu.ee/en/neurocine-kick-off-conference>

Uri Hasson, Princeton University: How we share memories across brains using storytelling
Katrin Heimann, Aarhus University: Making films come true – dreams about a neuro-phenomenology of the moving image and its consequences for our mind
Invited talks
Vittorio Gallese, University of Parma: Being moved. The embodiment of moving images
Clare Grall, Dartmouth College: From media to neuroscience: Leveraging the power of media to drive cognition
Iiro P. Jääskeläinen, Aalto University School of Science: Movies and narratives as naturalistic stimuli in neuroimaging studies of perspective taking
Joseph P. Magliano, Georgia State University: The Contributions of Cinematics and Content on the Understanding of Film
Follow program updates at the Official Tallinn University conference webpage <https://www.tlu.ee/en/neurocine-kick-off-conference>

NeuroCine conference is organised as a GEECT Spring conference 2022 at the Baltic Film, Media and Arts School (BFM <https://www.tlu.ee/en/bfm>) with the generous support of the European grouping of film and television schools (GEECT <https://geect.wordpress.com/>) and Baltic-American Freedom Foundation (BAFF <https://balticamericanfreedomfoundation.org/>).

Proposals and inquiries, pls email  <NeuroCineBFM at tlu.ee <mailto:NeuroCineBFM at tlu.ee>>

Register here  <https://konverentsikeskus.tlu.ee/en/registration-form-baltic-neurocine-kick-conference?fbclid=IwAR107iXX9WGgSTHFuO6UtBC2IqEyWH83N_rpNW_JXopS5zwUncPSJSkhY1U>
See Official Tallinn University conference webpage HERE <https://www.tlu.ee/en/neurocine-kick-off-conference>

Image by your host Pia Tikka, based on images byHeikki Leis (left) / Heini Saarimäki et al. (right).

Pia Tikka, Research Professor 
Enactive Virtuality Research Group
BFM <https://www.tlu.ee/en/Baltic-Film-Media-Arts-and-Communication-School> & MEDIT <http://medit.tlu.ee/>, Tallinn University
http://enactivevirtuality.tlu.ee/ <http://enactivevirtuality.tlu.ee/>
Free download <https://shop.aalto.fi/p/99-enactive-cinema/> for researchers and students:
Pia Tikka (2008) Enactive Cinema: Simulatorium Eisensteinense. Aalto University Books.

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