[visionlist] Invitation to offer International AI Doctoral Academy (AIDA) courses. AI Free e-lecture and Q & A session on 'How to get involved and get the most out of the AIDA web system', Tuesday 15/3/2022, 17:00-18:00 CET

Ioanna Koroni ioannakoroni at csd.auth.gr
Fri Mar 11 04:48:49 -04 2022

Dear AI Professors and senior AI scientists,


this message presents you a new option to offer AI short courses and summer
schools through the International AI Doctoral  Academy (AIDA)

As many of you organize such courses anyway, this option allows you to
catapult the registration number and impact of your courses, because:

a.	AIDA offers a seal of excellence to your courses
b.	AIDA-AUTH use targeted dissemination channels that can catapult the
registration number and impact of your course (The attached figure shows tha
(t registrations increased by 8x fold after a single course announcement in
these channels). 


AIDA has 73 excellent members (Universities, Research Centers and Companies
with top AI record), 100 AIDA Lecturers (offering courses and/or supervising
AIDA students) and 200 AIDA Students (PhD candidates or Postdoc researchers
from AIDA members).

So far, in its first year (2021), it had a robust educational offer,
consisting of many AI short courses, summer schools and semester
courses/lecture series, as well as top AI Excellence Lectures on bi-weekly


Any qualified AI Professors or senior AI scientists worldwide is welcomed to
offer an AIDA short or summer school or open up her/his semester courses to
AIDA students, no matter if her/his Institution is an AIDA member.

You can set up your own terms on how to offer such courses (including
registration fee policy),  in cooperation with the AIDA Educational Planning
committee, whose primary aim is to ensure top AIDA course quality.  

You can have both AIDA student and external student registrations in these
courses, while offering favorable terms to AIDA students. No AIDA fees are
involved in such courses.


Alternatively, you can always ask AIDA technical sponsorship of your courses
(with neither dissemination aid nor financial contribution). 


Instructions on how to apply to offer such a course and application template
can be found in:


Please cc such an application to  Stefano Berretti stefano.berretti at unifi.it
<mailto:stefano.berretti at unifi.it> ; Pietro Pala pietro.pala at unifi.it
<mailto:pietro.pala at unifi.it> ; and  Ioannis Pitas pitas at csd.auth.gr
<mailto:pitas at csd.auth.gr> 


You are invited to attend the 1-hour free e-lecture and Q & A session on
'How to get involved and get the most out of the AIDA web system', on
Tuesday 15/3/2022, 17:00-18:00 CET. Please book this time slot!

Telco Zoom link:
Passcode: 867064


You will learn how-to:

1.	become AIDA Lecturer and start offering AIDA courses or contributing
to AIDA Educational Resource Repository
2.	get involved in AIDA activities
3.	ask your Institution (University, Research Center or Company with AI
record) to become AIDA member.

Anybody coming from AIDA members or external is welcomed to attend and
spread the word. AIDA aims high to become an international reference point
on AI excellence.


Related course offers for the Spring semester 2022 can be found in the AIDA
www site:




Best regards

Prof. Ioannis Pitas

AIDA Chair



Registration increase by 8x fold after a single course announcement in the
AIDA-AUTH dissemination channels



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