[visionlist] Post-doc in Washington DC. Activity development in visual system.

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Fri Mar 18 15:29:32 -04 2022

The Laboratory of Systems Neural Development (PI Matthew Colonnese.
<http://colonneselab.org>*) at The George Washington University in
Washington DC is recruiting a post-doctoral scientist for a funded position
to investigate the functional development of thalamocortical circuits *in

The lab uses multi-electrode arrays (Neuropixels, Neuronexus), patch clamp
and calcium imaging combined with viral driven expression of DREADDs and
opsins during the first post-natal week to determine the circuit basis of
activity in the developing visual system.

Our current work focuses on the role of thalamus in the generation of
network oscillations during circuit formation, and the specific roles of
thalamic and cortical cell types in the evolution of the EEG. One of the
major goals of the lab is to create an atlas linking underlying circuit
dysfunction to changes in the EEG of preterm and perinatal infants. The
other is to understand the role of activity in the formation of
thalamocortical circuits.

The ideal candidate is a recent graduate with experience with
electrophysiology or optical imaging interested in working *in vivo* in
neonatal rodents, or developmental scientist interested to learn modern
techniques for *in vivo* recording.  Experience with programing, signal
processing, viral expression, fiber photometry, or computational modeling
of circuits are all pluses.

Candidates that increase the diversity of the lab are particularly
encouraged to apply.

Please contact Matt Colonnese, colonnese at gwu.edu for more information and
to apply.
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