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New in ML workshop at ICML 2022A workshop to help young researchers share
solid work and publish high-quality papers.New in ML workshop at ICML 2022Our

Is this your first time to a top conference? Have you ever wanted your own
work recognized by this huge and active community? Do you encounter
difficulties in polishing your ideas, experiments, paper writing, etc?
Then, this session is exactly for you!

This year, we are hosting again the New in ML workshop, co-locating with ICML
2022 <https://icml.cc/>. This workshop is intended for anyone who has not
published a paper at a top conference yet (e.g. ICML, NeurIPS). We invited
top researchers to review your work and share their experience with you.
The best papers will get oral presentations and awards!

Our biggest goal is to help you publish papers at the next ICML conference,
and generally provide you with the guidance you need to contribute to ML
research fully and effectively!

Within quota limits, the authors of the best accepted papers may be
receiving tickets to ICML 2022, to be attributed according to merit and
Past editions

   - NeurIPS 2021 <https://sunhaozhe.github.io/NewInML2021_NeurIPS/>
   - NeurIPS 2020 <https://vanyacohen.github.io/NewInML/>
   - ICML 2020 <https://nehzux.github.io/NewInML2020ICML/>
   - NeurIPS 2019 <https://nehzux.github.io/NewInML2019/>


It is a requirement to register for the ICML 2022 conference
<https://icml.cc/> in order to attend the workshops, socials and anything
connected to the ICML Conference platform, *including* this workshop.

Once your ICML 2022 registration is active, it is not required to
additionally register for *this workshop* in order to attend. However, we
would like to have an estimate of the number of attendees and their
background. If you are interested in attending the New In ML workshop at
ICML 2022, *please register* with this link (not available yet).

If you want to join the NewInML community, please leave your email address
here: link not available yet
Call For Extended Abstracts

This year, we initiate a call for extended abstracts (3 content pages
excluding references and additional material). This year’s NewInML session
further targets newcomers to the ML community, seeking writing practice and
feedback to have the possibility to share their work at top conferences
later on. To this aim, we are encouraging abstracts submissions and
participations to our “Writing support” presentation at the workshop. It
will be followed by a discussion with the authors for more tailored
feedback and advice on their submitted abstracts. Therefore, this consists
of a writing exercise though we also highly value promising works and
novelties on subjects covered in the ICML main conference. The best
selected abstracts authors will have the opportunity to give a short
presentation of their work and win an award.

All topics related to machine learning are welcome. They include but are
not limited to:

   - Computer Vision
   - Natural Language Processing
   - Graph Neural Networks
   - Meta Learning
   - Transfer Learning
   - Reinforcement Learning
   - Deep Learning Theory
   - Deep Learning Interpretability
   - Fairness and Privacy
   - Automated Machine Learning
   - Bayesian Machine Learning
   - Causal Inference
   - Adversarial Machine Learning
   - Data, Competitions, Implementations, and Software
   - Applications
   - Neuroscience and Cognitive Science
   - Optimization

Guidelines to authors

To practice writing good ICML papers, authors are *requested* to submit
papers *respecting* the ICML format and instructions
<https://icml.cc/Conferences/2022/CallForPapers>. *All submissions must be
in PDF format. Submissions are limited to 3 content pages, including all
figures and tables; additional pages containing the ICML paper checklist
and references are allowed.* Submitted abstracts *must* be anonymous and
respect the ICML format and template. Submissions that do not follow the
format will be rejected. We restrict submissions to first authors with no
prior accepted publication at ICML/NeurIPS main conferences and which are *not
under review or accepted elsewhere*. Papers having been rejected before
should be revised before submission to New In ML. We recommend sharing
previous reviews with your new reviewers. Submitted papers will be reviewed
by expert reviewers in a double-blind manner. Accepted abstracts could
expect further coaching and mentorship if both reviewers and authors agree
to communicate.
Workshop submission policy

*This will NOT count as an official ICML publication, the NewInML 2022
workshop does not have a publication proceedings. Abstracts submitted can
be revised and enhanced for further submissions, but make sure to check the
policy of other conferences if you want to re-submit elsewhere.* We allow
the submission of abstracts that have been submitted to another workshop in
condition that the other workshop does not have a publication proceedings
and this does not violate the policy of the other workshop. You are
responsible to check the dual-submission policy of the other workshop and
decide whether you can re-submit your paper to the NewInML 2022 workshop.
Accepted extended abstracts will be listed on the workshop homepage if the
authors do not issue an objection. If an accepted paper is also accepted by
another workshop, the authors can decide which workshop they want to keep.
If you need to withdraw your abstract from the NewInML 2022 workshop,
please contact us at contactnewinml (at) gmail.com.

Paper submission is through OpenReview platform: Submit my paper

Contact us at contactnewinml (at) gmail.com if you encounter technical
Important Dates

Paper submission deadline has been set to May 15, 2022 AoE.

   - May 15, 2022 (Anywhere on Earth): Paper submission deadline
   - June 20, 2022 (Anywhere on Earth): Author notification of acceptance
   - July 17-18, 2022: Workshop session with best selected abstracts


This will be a one-day *on site* event in Baltimore, USA.

Program (time zone in Baltimore, Eastern Standard Time, EST, UTC−5 ):

Friday July 18, 2022
09:00 - 09:05 *Opening address*
09:05 - 09:50 *Invited Talk* How to communicate your results
09:50 - 10:35 *Invited talk* Collaborations with ML researchers
10:35 - 10:50 Break
10:50 - 11:35 *Invited Talk* Coding best practices
11:35 - 12:10 *Best abstracts presentations* (5 min + 5 min questions for
each paper)
12:10 - 12:20 *Best extended abstract award*
12:20 - 14:30 Lunch Break
14:30 - 15:30 *Invited talk* Writing support interactive presentation
15:30 - 15:50 Writing support discussion + mentoring session
15:50 - 16:00 Closing remarksAccepted extended abstracts

(not available yet)

   - Alice Lacan (IBISC/LISN/CNRS Université Paris-Saclay)
   - Mélina Verger (LIP6 Sorbonne Université)


   - Isabelle Guyon (LISN/CNRS/INRIA Université Paris-Saclay, ChaLearn)
   - Haozhe Sun (LISN/CNRS/INRIA Université Paris-Saclay)
   - Zhen Xu (4Paradigm)


   - Piyush Bansal (Facebook/ Meta Inc.)
   - João Brito (DeepNeuronic)
   - Wei-Lun Chao (The Ohio State University)
   - Oishi Deb (DeepMind Scholar 20/21, previously Rolls-Royce)
   - Bruno Degardin (Universidade de Beira Interior)
   - Ying-Jung Deweese (Descartes Labs)
   - Yan Gao (UTHSC)
   - Xiaodan Hu (UIUC)
   - Naila Murray (Meta AI Research)
   - Joao Neves (Universidade de Beira Interior)
   - Hoa Nguyen Thi Thanh (Institut Pasteur)
   - Shilpa Pandey (Adani Institute of Infrastructure Engineering)
   - Homa Rashidisabet (University of Illinois at Chicago)
   - Bastian Rieck (Helmholtz Munich)
   - David Ross (Google)
   - Francisco Ruiz (DeepMind)
   - Mozhgan Saeidi (Vector Institute)
   - Amel Sellami (InstaDeep/ENSI)
   - Vishakha Sharma (Roche)
   - Max Simchowitz (MIT)
   - Sahib Singh (Ford Motor Company)
   - Jonathan Uesato (Google/DeepMind)
   - Jennifer Williams (Carnegie Mellon University)


Write us at: contactnewinml (at) gmail.com

 Follow us on Twitter: @NewInML <https://twitter.com/NewInML>
On behalf of NewInML ICML 2022 Organizing TeamVitor Pereira Language, Mind
and Cognition Research Group (LanCog),Philosophy Centre (CFUL),Faculty of
Letters, University of Lisbon. Alameda da Universidade, 1600-214 Lisboa,
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