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We are pleased to announce the publication of the Special issue on Coding strategies in binocular vision and stereopsis by Vision Research.  Please visit the Elsevier website to read or download the papers.


Thanks to all the contributing authors and reviewers!

Table of contents:

Special issue: Coding strategies in binocular vision and stereopsis
Guest Editors: Frederick Kingdom, Jenny Read, Paul Hibbard and Keith May

Editorial – Special Issue: Coding strategies in binocular vision and stereopsis
F.A.A. Kingdom, J.C. Read, P.B. Hibbard, K.A. May

Li and Atick’s theory of efficient binocular coding: A tutorial and mini-review (in press)
                K.A. May, L. Zhaoping

Binocular summation and efficient coding
F.A.A. Kingdom, P. Woessner

A unified model for binocular fusion and depth perception
                J. Ding, D.M. Levi

Surface slant impairs disparity discontinuity discrimination
                R. Goutcher, L.M. Wilcox

A gain-control disparity energy model for perceived depth from disparity
                P-Y. Chen, C-C. Chen, C.W. Tyler

Contrast adaptation and interocular transfer in cortical cells: A re-analysis & two-stage gain-control model of binocular combination
                M.A. Georgeson, F. Sengpiel

Contrast-reversed binocular dot-pairs in random-dot stereograms for depth perception in central visual field: Probing the dynamics of feedforward-feedback processes in visual inference<https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S0042698921000602>
            L. Zhaoping

Stereoscopic depth adaptation from binocularly correlated versus anti-correlated noise: Test of an efficient coding theory of stereopsis
            F.A.A. Kingdom, K-C. Yared, P.B. Hibbard, K.A. May

A motion-in-depth model based on inter-ocular velocity to estimate direction in depth
           W. Wu, Y. Hatori, C-h. Tseng, K. Matsumiya, S. Shiori

Sensory loss due to object formation
P. Mamassian, M. Zannoli

Modelling binocular disparity processing from statistics in natural scenes
            T. Chauhan, Y. Héjja-Brichard, B.R. Cottereau

The role of contrast polarities in binocular luster: Low-level and high-level processes
            G. Wendt, F. Faul

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