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9th ACM IKDD CODS and 27th COMAD

5th Joint International Conference on Data Science & Management of Data

January 4-7, 2023
IIT Bombay

We are pleased to announce The 5th Joint International Conference on Data
Sciences and Management of Data to be held in Bangalore, India, on January
8-10, 2022 as a hybrid event.  CODS-COMAD is a premier international
conference focusing on scientific work in Databases, Data Sciences and
their applications. Being held for the 5th time as a common conference
bringing together the COMAD and the CODS communities, the conference
invites researchers in the field of databases, data sciences and their
applications to submit their original work.


The research track invites full as well as short papers describing
innovative and original research contributions in the areas of data
management, data science, machine learning and AI. Papers can range from
theoretical contributions to systems and algorithms to experimental
research and benchmarking.  The goal of the short papers is to provide a
venue for innovative ideas such as engineered solutions, exciting
work-in-progress or even negative results that would be interesting to the
broader community. Authors of accepted papers will get an opportunity to
showcase their work as an oral presentation.  For more details visit:

The Applied Data Sciences (ADS) track invites both full as well as short
papers describing the design, implementation and results of solutions and
systems for application of data science techniques to real-world problems.
Technical approaches can include data science, data mining, applied machine
learning, testing and governance of data science models and solutions, and
practical MLOps approaches.  Accepted papers will be given the opportunity
to present their work as an oral presentation.  For more details, visit:

Tutorials at CODS-COMAD offer a platform to showcase state-of-the-art tools
and technologies to support research, development and applications of data
systems, data science, data management and platforms, data-driven
applications, ethics of data science etc. We solicit tutorial proposals on
all topics of interest to the CODS-COMAD conference.  For more details,
visit: https://cods-comad.in/call-for-tutorial-proposals.php

The demonstration (demo) track invites submissions from academia and
industry where a live or pre-recorded demonstration of the software system,
prototype, conceptual design or library adds significant value to the work.
Submissions should not exceed 4 pages and (unlimited) references. Topics of
interest include data systems, data science, data management and platforms,
data-driven applications etc. The scope for demos is broad and includes all
topics of interest to the CODS-COMAD conference.  The demo should be the
result of innovative work including solving novel technical or research
problems and/or creating novel UI/UX. Authors of accepted demo track papers
will have the option to do either a recorded demo or a live demo at the
conference site.  For more details, visit:

The Young Researchers’ Symposium at CODS-COMAD 2023 invites submissions
from students and postdoctoral fellows. This is a unique opportunity for
young researchers to have fruitful peer-to-peer discussions and to get
feedback from leading senior researchers about their current research work.
Submissions to the Young Researchers' Symposium (YRS) are in the form of a
2-page extended abstract, and are invited on the topics such as data
systems, data science, data management and platforms, data-driven
applications etc. We welcome many kinds of papers, such as, but not limited
to: novel research papers, work-in-progress papers, appraisal papers of
existing methods and tools (e.g., lessons learned).  The first author of
any submission should be an undergraduate/postgraduate/Ph.D. student or a
Postdoctoral researcher affiliated with any academic institution. Authors
of accepted papers will get a chance to present their work both as a poster
and a quick lightning talk at the conference. For more details, visit:

Check the link below to help you decide which track to submit your paper
to.  It is the authors’ responsibility to submit their paper into the
appropriate track.  Papers that do not satisfy the requirements (e.g., a
research track paper) might be rejected without a formal review.

July 3, 2022: Abstract submission deadline in Research and Applied Data
Science tracks
July 10, 2022: Paper submission deadline in Research and Applied Data
Science tracks
September 11, 2022: First Stage Accept/Major Revision/ Reject decisions in
Research and Data Science tracks
September 15, 2022: Paper submission deadline in Demo and Young
Researchers' Symposium tracks.  Tutorial proposal deadline
October 9, 2022: Re-submission of revised manuscripts in Research and
Applied Data Science tracks
October 30, 2022: Final Notifications of Accept / Reject decisions across
all tracks
November 15, 2022: Camera ready submission deadline across all tracks


Detailed submission instructions, submission format, page limits, conflict
of interest, dual submission, plagiarism and other policies are available
at the link below.  Do check them out before submitting your paper.

The best paper in each track will receive an award citation

Conference will provide travel assistance to a reasonable number of
students whose papers are accepted.  The travel grant includes free
accommodation and monetary travel support partially covering the travel
cost. Details of the grant will be made available at the conference website
in due course.


General Chairs
Pushpak Bhattacharyya (IIT Bombay)
Amr El Abbadi (University of California, Santa Barbara)

PC Chairs (Research Track)
Praneeth Nethrapalli (Google Research)
Louiqa Raschid (University of Maryland)

PC Chairs (Applied Data Science Track)
Tanuja Ganu (Microsoft)
Ponnurangam Kumaraguru (IIIT Hyderabad)

Tutorial Chairs
Animesh Mukherjee (IIT Kharagpur)
Kalapriya Kannan (Hewlett Packard Enterprise)

Demo Chairs
Mayank Vatsa (IIT Jodhpur)
Anoop Kunchukuttan (Microsoft)

Young Researchers' Symposium (YRS) Chairs
Preethi Jyothi (IIT Bombay)
Bivas Mitra (IIT Kharagpur)

Diversity & Inclusion Chairs
Chitra Babu (SSN Institutions)
Balaraman Ravindran (IIT Madras)

Proceedings Chair
Abhinandan SP (NIE Mysore)
Charu Sharma (IIIT Hyderabad)

Publicity Chairs
Rajiv Ratn Shah (IIIT Delhi)
Arunesh Sinha (Singapore Management University)

Sponsorship Chairs
Shourya Roy (Flipkart)
Yogesh Simmhan (IISc Bangalore)

Local Organizing Chairs
Biplab Banerjee (IIT Bombay)
Manoj Nambiar (TCS Research)

Finance Chair
Chandrashekhar Sahasrabudhe (ACM India)
Raj Sharma (Goldman Sachs)

Arunesh Sinha
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