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Just a friendly reminder about our Vaegan seminar tomorrow. PLEASE NOTE: FOR THE BEST EXPERIENCE, PLEASE HAVE A PAIR OF ANAGLYPH GLASSES READY!
Best regards, Juno

Title: Anaglyphic Art

Speaker: Nicholas Wade (University of Dundee, Scotland)

Time/Date: 5pm Friday 06 May 2022 (AEST - Australian Eastern Standard Time)

Location: via Zoom (Meeting link below)

Abstract:  Pictorial art is typically viewed with two eyes but it is not binocular in the sense that it does not engage aspects of cooperation (stereopsis) and competition (rivalry) between the eyes. Pictures are two-dimensional patterns that allude to depth they do not contain. With the invention of the stereoscope by Charles Wheatstone in the early 1830s it was possible to produce two pictures with defined horizontal disparities between them to create a novel impression of depth or rivalry. Wheatstone saw the significance of the stereoscope to art and sought to examine stereoscopic depth without monocular pictorial cues. His stereoscopic figures were outline drawings but they still contained cues to depth. Wheatstone was unable to remove depth cues from his stereograms but this was achieved a century later by Béla Julesz with random-dot patterns. Wheatstone also demonstrated rivalry between radically different patterns viewed by each eye. I will present novel stereograms (as anaglyphs) employing a wider variety of carrier patterns than random-dots. They show modulations of pictorial surface depths as well as inclusions within a binocular picture. The carrier patterns are derived from graphical or photographical textures which can have an appeal independently of the cyclopean depth they reveal. Anaglyphs displaying binocular rivalry will also be shown alone and in combination with stereoscopic depth and portraits.

Bio: Nick Wade received his BSc degree in psychology from the University of Edinburgh and his PhD from Monash University, Australia; his thesis was on vestibular-visual interaction. This was followed by a postdoctoral fellowship from the Alexander von Humboldt Stiftung, at the Max-Planck-Institute for Behavioural Physiology, Germany where he carried out experiments using a human centrifuge. His subsequent academic career has been at Dundee University, where he is now Emeritus Professor and is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Edinburgh. His research interests are in the history of vision research, binocular and motion perception, and the interplay between visual science and art. The books written on these topics include those shown below. A new book on Vision and Art with Two Eyes will be published in June.

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