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Extended Reality (XR) is a term used to describe the full spectrum of combinations of our natural view of the real world and digitally created worlds. It includes both Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR). The promise of XR has captured the attention of many scientists, engineers, potential users, and also many large and small technology companies.  As a result, enormous creative energy and resources are being devoted to realizing the full potential of XR. In the process, the search for effective technologies and compelling experiences has highlighted the importance of human vision to the XR endeavor. Topics that are critical to XR design are visual optics, vergence, accommodation, binocular vision, depth perception, color vision, spatial and temporal contrast sensitivity, visual resolution, motion perception, contrast and lightness perception, and many, many more. For basic vision scientists, XR also provides an exciting opportunity to bridge the gap between vision in the laboratory and vision in the real world. The integral role of vision science in advancing XR, and in turn using it to advance scientific inquiry, has helped generate a renewed synergy between basic and applied science. 

The goal of this special issue is to provide a forum for publication of high quality research or reviews in this area. Among the potential topics are:
Vision science considerations in design of XR 
Vision science based metrics of image quality in XR
Effects of XR on visual performance and comfort
XR as a tool to study human vision
XR as a tool for clinical evaluation of visual function
XR as a treatment modality for vision disorders
Effects of XR on myopia and other clinical conditions
Multi-sensory input in XR
Perception-action coupling in XR
Feature Editors:
Martin Banks, UC Berkeley, Berkeley, CA, USA
Sarah Creem-Regehr, University of Utah, Salt Lake City, UT, USA
Gabriel J. Diaz, Rochester Institute of Technology, Rochester, NY USA
Marc Ernst, Ulm University, Ulm, Germany
Henry Fuchs, UNC Chapel Hill, Chapel Hill, NC USA
Douglas Lanman, Reality Labs Research, Meta, USA
Jenny C. A. Read, Newcastle University, Newcastle, UK
Gordon Wetzstein, Stanford University, Stanford, USA
Laurie M. Wilcox, York University, Toronto, Canada
Submissions Accepted through May 31, 2023. Accepted papers will be published as ready in the current monthly issue as well as presented together as a special issue on the JOV website.

Journal of Vision is an online, open access, peer-reviewed scientific journal devoted to all aspects of visual function in humans and other organisms. The journal is published exclusively in digital form: full-text articles may be accessed for free via the internet. The journal encourages the effective use of color, multimedia, hyperlinks, program code, and other digital enhancements. Journal of Vision is published by the Association for Research in Vision and Ophthalmology (ARVO). To submit a paper to this special issue please follow the instructions for Authors at http://journalofvision.org/"http://journalofvision.org/ <http://journalofvision.org/>. All papers will be peer reviewed.

Andrew B. Watson
Journal of Vision   http://journalofvision.org/

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