[visionlist] Mercenary vet tech needed

Stephen Macknik macknik at neuralcorrelate.com
Fri Jun 10 17:35:07 -04 2022

Dear NHP community,

I am in the middle of some time sensitive experiments requiring NHP surgery and I desperately need a consulting vet tech to come to our labs in NYC and run the anesthesia for a 2-3 surgeries in June, July, and Aug. We will pay travel and accommodations costs and a consulting fee. 

Our vet tech that just left got a job with a much better commute for her, which is great, and although I asked her to take a day off to help us, she’s a new employee and so cannot take time off during g the period we need her. We have asked 4 other vet techs in the NYC region but they are all busy in the dates we need them.

We will of course be hiring new staff asap but that won’t help my lab between now and the first week of august. 

Do you know a good vet tech that you could recommend to come to NYC for a few days each in June, July, and/or August to give us a hand?

I’d be very grateful if you would send them my way over the next week so we could find somebody for our first surgery in the series on June 27 or 28.


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