[visionlist] Invitation to join the free hybrid "AI Mellontology (futurology) Symposium 2022", 23rd September 2022

Ioanna Koroni ioannakoroni at csd.auth.gr
Tue Jul 19 04:59:12 -04 2022

Dear AI researcher, scientist, engineer, student, enthusiast,


you are welcomed to attend the free hybrid 'AI Mellontology Symposium' on 23/09/2022 to debate futurist topics on AI research and social/industrial impact. 

Its program, registration and participation links can be found in: http://icarus.csd.auth.gr/ai-mellontology-e-symposium-2022/ 

It is co-located with International AI Doctoral Academy (AIDA) General Assembly.


More details on the panel topic descriptions can be found in the www page. 


Hybrid (local and remote) participation is foreseen. Remote participation is free.

There is a very small registration fee for local participation or for remote participation (if a participation certificate is desired) for people outside the AI4media partners.

Zoom link for participation: https://authgr.zoom.us/j/97284234003


Horizon2020 AI flagship R&D projects: AI4Media <https://www.ai4media.eu/>  and ELISE <https://www.elise-ai.eu/> , together with the International AI Doctoral Academy (AIDA) <http://www.i-aida.org/>  joined forces in sponsoring this event. 


There will be 6 AI science/technology/society/industry sessions (4 in the morning and 2 in the afternoon).

Participants will debate the ‘AI future ’, namely hot AI research issues of any form on any scientific, societal, industrial/economic AI aspect. 

Session panelists will make their short statements during each panel to initiate discussion by the audience. 

Discussion will be informal, hopefully lively and hot aiming to debate contrasting views (thesis-antithesis) on each issue.


You are welcome to a) see panelist and other views and voice your own views on any panel topic, by using the ‘Voice your views’ area, b) propose your own AI grand challenge and c) actively participate in each panel discussion. 

The more innovative, futuristic, even provocative your views are, the better. The discussion will be conducted though in a scientific way and in good faith. 

The entire discussion and contributions will be compiled later on in a public ‘AI research white paper’ that will be used to guide R&D anywhere in the world, notably in the framework of AIDA and Horizon2020 ICT48 R&D projects.


The end of September is a very nice period to visit Thessaloniki and its surroundings (cultural sightseeing, swimming, grape harvesting). An optional cultural trip is foreseen on the 24th of September 2022.


For any questions, you can contact the e-symposium secretary Mrs. Ioanna Koroni koroniioanna at csd.auth.gr <mailto:koroniioanna at csd.auth.gr>  (for organization matters) or Prof. Ioannis Pitas pitas at csd.auth.gr <mailto:pitas at csd.auth.gr>   (for scientific matters).


On behalf of the Organizing Committee 

Prof. Ioannis Pitas 

AI Mellontology Symposium chair


AI Mellontology Symposium Program 23/09/2022 

Times are in CEST

8:00-8:05 CEST Opening (Prof. Ioannis Pitas)


Morning sessions

1.	8:05-9:00 ‘Latent brain’, Organizer: Dr. Patrick van der Smagt (Volkswagen) Panelists: Dr. Patrick van der Smagt, Prof. Henrik Jörntell, Prof. Daniel Gauthier
2.	9:00-10:00 Collaborative AI, Organizer: Prof. N. Cesa Bianchi (U Milan), Prof. John Shawe-Taylor (UCL) Panelists: Prof. N. Cesa Bianchi (U Milan), Prof. John Shawe-Taylor (UCL), Prof. J. Crowley (INRIA), Prof. A. Oulasvirta (Aaalto U)
3.	10:30-11:30 ‘Human – AI Symbiosis’, Organizer: Dr. N. Vretos (CERTH/ITI) Panelists: Prof. Federico Αlvarez Garcia (UPM), Dr. T. Giannakopoulos (NCSR Demokritos)
4.	11:30-12:30 ‘AI studies: AI PhD Excellence. AI Curriculum. AI Science and Engineering?’ Organizer: Prof. Ioannis Pitas (AUTH), Panel:  Prof. A. Geiger (U Tuebingen), Prof. Ioannis Pitas (AUTH), Prof. B. O’Sullivan (UCC), Prof. B. Schoelkopf (to be confirmed).

Afternoon sessions

1.	14:00-15:00 ‘AI-based recommender systems: social and legal perspectives’, Organizer: L. Dutkiewicz (CiTiP, KUL) Panelists: A. Schjøtt Hansen (UvA), L. Dutkiewicz (CiTiP, KUL)

5.	15:00-16:00 How AI meets human in media houses? (Recommendation systems and Media) Organizer: Dr. P. Kordík (CVUT) Panelists: Dr. P. Kordík (CVUT), Dr. T. Lančová (CVUT). 

16:30-18:30 AIDA General Assembly 


Saturday 24/9/2022 (optional): 
9:00-15:00 EEST Visit of Royal Macedonian Tombs and Museum (Vergina) and a winery in Naoussa, Central Macedonia, Greece (bus transfer).



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