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Experimental Psychologist / Neuroscientist (Research Scientist)

Ababax is a Berlin-based digital health startup aiming to create
next-generation digital treatments. We develop Digital Drugs – non-invasive
brain stimulation techniques – to treat the dysfunctional circuits in the
brain. Our team of multidisciplinary experts develop high-end solutions by
leveraging the latest findings in neuroscience and psychology and combining
them with cutting-edge technology and AI. Think this is a great cause? So
do we!

We are looking for an experienced and highly motivated researcher with
strong experimental skills and a background or interest in working with
brain-related conditions to bring our new intervention ideas through
experimental and clinical validation.

In this role, your responsibility will be to design, conduct, analyse and
interpret the results from experimental studies using behavioural and
physiological (e.g., EEG) methods in university and clinical settings. As
part of our interdisciplinary team, you will actively participate in these
studies that investigate scientific and clinical research questions with an
emphasis on transitioning our findings into a scientifically validated,
effective and user-friendly treatment for healthy and clinical populations.
As a startup straddling the line between academia and industry, this
represents an ideal middle-ground both for talented academic researchers
looking to see their ideas translate into real-world products and for
clinicians and industry experts looking to engage more with academic
partners and basic research.

With a focus on conducting and facilitating experimental studies with
healthy and clinical populations, you will be a dynamic team player who is
driven by a passion for our mission. If you are excited to have a
meaningful, direct, and positive impact on people’s lives, then you will
find yourself in good company with the Ababax team.

What you will do:

   - Design, conduct and analyse online and in-person experiments using
   behavioural, (neuro)physiological and other relevant measures alongside the
   science team.
   - Take ownership of your research areas and guide their development
   alongside the company goals.
   - Support the planning, implementing and monitoring of the experimental
   - Contrast and assess various methodological and theoretical approaches
   to inform experimental and clinical rationale.
   - Communicating and documenting research in written and spoken form to
   internal and external stakeholders.
   - Liaise with our scientific, clinical and other advisers and help
   establish academic and non-academic collaborations.
   - Direct the research efforts between the team, our partners and
   collaborators, and participants.

What you will need:

   - A Master’s degree or a PhD in Experimental Psychology, Neuroscience,
   or a similar computational subject involving data analysis, programming,
   and other relevant research skills.
   - Experience in conducting experiments with behavioural, EEG, or
   physiological methods. Experience in conducting studies in web-based
   platforms and/or with clinical populations is a plus.
   - Strong interest in the research fields of perception, cognitive,
   affective, or applied psychology or neuroscience.
   - Strong and proven experimental and programming skills (e.g., MATLAB,
   python, R), enabling you to design, develop and analyse experimental data
   within our interdisciplinary team.
   - Strong interpersonal and communication skills in English (spoken and
   written), enabling you to both conduct studies with different types of
   populations and to coordinate with the science team and our partners.
   German is a plus.

What we offer:

   - An opportunity to work on exciting and challenging projects at the
   intersection between science, health, and technology.
   - You will be integrated into the broad digital-health focused network
   at Eternity Health, which through its various arms aims to challenge and
   accelerate the development of next-gen digital healthcare.
   - A competitive salary, paired with our core objective of making
   healthcare more equitable, accessible, and effective.
   - A chance to join our growing multidisciplinary team of talented and
   creative psychologists, neuroscientists, engineers, data scientists, and
   developers, where you will be at the forefront of exciting advances in
   digital health care.

Please apply via https://eternity-health.jobs.personio.de/job/793328

*Dr. Hanni Kiiski*

Science Manager

Web www.ababax.health <https://ababax.health/>

*Ababax Health GmbH*
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