[visionlist] [IEEE Biometrics Council]: Webinar by Dr. Hany Farid on Combating Deep Fakes

Vitomir Struc vitomir.struc at fe.uni-lj.si
Thu Sep 8 05:16:11 -04 2022

*** ONLINE WEBINAR on DeepFakes ***

The IEEE Biometrics Council invites participants to the upcoming (free) 
webinar by Prof. Hany Farid on "Combating Deep Fakes". Detail on the 
webinar are given below:

Title: Combatting Deep Fakes
Speaker: Prof. Hany Farid , University of California, Berkeley, USA
When: 12 October 2022, at 10am PT (1 pm EST, 7pm CEST)
Where: Online (Zoom)
Registration: (free, but required): 

*** Talk Summary ***
In the early days of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, President 
Zelenskyy warned the world that Russia's digital disinformation 
machinery would create a deep fake of him admitting defeat. By mid-March 
of 2022, a deep fake of Zelenskyy appeared with just this message. This 
video was eventually debunked, but not before it spread across social 
media and appeared briefly on Ukrainian television. Three months later, 
the mayors of Berlin, Madrid, and Vienna collectively spoke for nearly 
30 minutes with a deep-fake version of Kiev Mayor Klitschko, before 
realizing they were being duped. In addition to adding jet fuel to 
disinformation campaigns, this new breed of synthetic media also makes 
it easier to deny reality -- the so-called liar's dividend -- as seen by 
the recent baseless claim that video addresses by President Biden are 
deep fakes deployed to conceal his death. I will discuss how deep fakes 
are made, how they are being weaponized, and how they can be detected.

*** About the Speaker ***
Dr. Hany Farid is a Professor at the University of California, Berkeley 
with a joint appointment in Electrical Engineering & Computer Sciences 
and the School of Information. His research focuses on digital 
forensics, forensic science, misinformation, image analysis, and human 
perception. He received his undergraduate degree in Computer Science and 
Applied Mathematics from the University of Rochester in 1989, and his 
Ph.D. in Computer Science from the University of Pennsylvania in 1997. 
Following a two-year post-doctoral fellowship in Brain and Cognitive 
Sciences at MIT, he joined the faculty at Dartmouth College in 1999 
where he remained until 2019. He is the recipient of an Alfred P. Sloan 
Fellowship, a John Simon Guggenheim Fellowship, and a Fellow of the 
National Academy of Inventors.

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