[visionlist] Call for Papers in Attention, Perception, & Psychophysics Special Issue- Neural underpinnings of attention in the real world: Co-registration of eye movements and EEG

David Melcher david.melcher at nyu.edu
Mon Sep 12 08:22:28 -04 2022

*Call for Papers in Attention, Perception, & Psychophysics Special
Issue**- Neural
underpinnings of attention in the real world: Co-registration of eye
movements and EEG*

Visual attention is critical for many real-world cognitive tasks that have
important consequences for our daily lives (e.g., reading, visual search,
scene perception). Eye movements play a critical role in such active tasks,
but historically, cognitive neuroscience methods (e.g., EEG/MEG) have
required research participants to refrain from moving their eyes to reduce
artifacts and confounds in neural measurements. However, restricting eye
movements limits our inferential capabilities, especially with respect to
understanding the real-world implications that motivate the research in the
first place. Recent technological innovations are helping to alleviate this
problem. One major innovation is the ability to co-register brain activity
(e.g., EEG or MEG) to eye movement behavior (via eye tracking) as people
freely move their eyes. Such technical innovation allows for the
simultaneous study of behavioral and neural measures of visual and
cognitive processes in naturalistic free-viewing scenarios, moving beyond
the constraints of traditional laboratory paradigms. However, there are
both technical and conceptual challenges underlying the use of these
methods. Moreover, because much of the prior eye movement and
electrophysiological research has been developed in largely independent
research areas – each with their own theories, foci, and best practices –
there remains a major challenge in integrating these long-siloed domains.

The goal of this special issue is to feature the latest empirical,
theoretical, and methodological work on eye-movement and EEG
co-registration in cognitive science. We particularly invite contributions
that take a naturalistic approach to active vision and/or aim to bridge the
“attention” gap across multiple research areas (e.g., studying
commonalities and differences in visual processing and attention across
reading and scene perception). Contributions may include:

A. Original empirical research using co-registration methods

B. Original empirical research using a single methodology but that has
direct implications for (or challenges to) co-registration research

C. Opinionated review of research with implications for co-registration

D. Methodological or “best practices” contributions for conducting and
reporting co-registration research

All submissions will undergo normal, full peer review, maintaining the same
high editorial standards for regular submissions to *Attention, Perception,
& Psychophysics*. The deadline for submissions is March 15, 2023 with a
target publication date of December, 2023. We invite those interested in a
possible submission to contact one of the editors: Elizabeth Schotter,
Brennan Payne, or David Melcher.
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