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Óscar Gonçalves and Jorge Almeida at the Proaction Laboratory (
proactionlab.fpce.uc.pt), University of Coimbra (www.uc.pt), Portugal, and
the CO&MA (Consciousness & Mental Awareness) research team, are looking for
1 Post-Doctoral Researcher to work on the Neuroscience and Neuropsychology
of Consciousness using EEG, TMS and fMRI, in normal and special

In the CO&MA group, we attempt to: (1) decode the neuronal mechanisms
contrasting automatic/implicit/unconscious from
deliberate/explicit/conscious processing; (2) understand the neurodynamics
of unconscious/conscious processing in awake and sleep stages; and (3)
characterize and modulate the brain mechanisms in extreme consciousness
conditions (from altered states of consciousness, to consciousness

If these topics interest you, please send us an email. We strongly and
particularly encourage applications from women, and from underrepresented
groups in academia.

General Requirements for the positions:

1. Candidates should have a PhD in Psychology, Cognitive Neuroscience,
Computer Science, Computational Neuroscience or any other related field as
long as their work relates to the specific profiles below.

2. They should already have their diplomas (so that we can start the
process of recognition in Portugal, which is a necessary step for hiring –
please go here <https://www.dges.gov.pt/recon/formulario> to start the
process of recognizing your diploma).

3. The candidate should be a recent graduate – the date in their PhD
diploma should not be before July 2020.

4. Interest in consciousness and unconscious processing.

5. Very good English (oral and written) communicative skills are necessary.

Salary and duration:

The position will start as soon as possible and finish in January 2024. The
position involves no formal teaching (unless the candidate wants to). It
does involve, however, lab mentoring.

The salary is extremely competitive – 2200 euros per month net value
(annual 26400 net value). This value is on par with the average salaries at
top American institutions, as well as London, Paris, etc. However, the cost
of living in Portugal (and particularly in Coimbra) is much lower.
According to Numbeo, 2400 euros would be equivalent to 4850 pounds in
London/4800 euros in Paris/6615 USD in Boston/6210 USD in Los Angeles/ 8330
USD in New York.

Working conditions:

The researcher will work directly with Óscar Gonçalves and Jorge Almeida in
Coimbra. The researcher will also be encouraged to develop her/his own
projects and look for additional funding so that the stay can be extended.

We have access to 2 3T MRI scanner with a 32-channel coil, to tDCS and TMS
with neuronavigation, and to a fully set psychophysics lab. We have EEG and
eyetracking on site.

Finally, the University of Coimbra is a 700 year old University and has
been selected as a UNESCO world Heritage site. Coimbra is one of the most
lively university cities in the world, and it is a beautiful city with easy
access to the beach and mountain.

How can I apply:

Applications are open until October 20, 2022.

The interested candidates should email Óscar Gonçalves and Jorge Almeida
with their CVs, a motivation letter, and reference letters. Please send an
email (oscar at fpce.uc.pt; jorgealmeida at fpce.uc.pt) with the subject “COM&MA
Post-doc position”. If you have any question regarding the application,
please send us an email.
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