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Announcement of TBS CNW @ Rovereto 2022

Transcranial Brain Stimulation in Cognitive Neuroscience Workshop
<https://event.unitn.it/tbs-cnw/>,  2 - 3 December, 2022

The workshop will focus on the state of the art in the use of Transcranial
Brain Stimulation

The event will be held entirely in presence @ Rovereto Italy

Workshop registration is open go to  https://event.unitn.it/tbs-cnw/

Deadlines: 4th November 2022.

List of speakers

Gesa Hartwigsen (D): Inferring causality from noninvasive brain stimulation
in cognitive neuroscience

Anke N Karabanov (DK): Can transcranial electrical stimulation localise
brain function?

Walter Paulus (D): Transcranial electrical stimulation, where we stand

Jean-François Aubry (F): Transcranial ultrasound stimulation in Cognitive

tACS Committee Update on the tACS Challenge

Domenica Veniero (UK): Top-down mechanisms in the visual system: evidence
from TMS and EEG data

Til Ole Bergmann (D): Combining TMS with EEG and fMRI for state-dependent
stimulation and causal network interrogation

Elisa Kallioniemi (USA): TMS-EEG responses across the lifespan

Paolo Belardinelli (I): Real-time brain-state dependent EEG-TMS stimulation

Open large-scale NIBS initiatives: a) “BIDS extension proposal for
non-invasive brain stimulation datasets” BEP37
b)multilab collaborative efforts in the TMS-EEG field the T4TE
<https://www.t4te.org/home> project to improve the quality of TMS-EEG
research… and more.

Register now!

    € 180 for external faculty members and non-academic participants

    € 100 for external students and postdocs

Web page link <https://event.unitn.it/tbs-cnw/>

Registration form  link

We kindly ask you to circulate this email to potentially interested persons

The Scientific Organisers,

Gregor Thut, Carlo Miniussi, Lorella Battelli, Marta Bortoletto
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