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Apologies for cross-posting. We are looking for applications for the Nottingham Trent University PhD studentship scheme, the deadline is 12 noon (GMT) on Thursday 12 January 2023. This is a competitive scheme to secure PhD funding for one of the listed projects, or another of your own choosing. We would encourage interested potential candidates to contact the supervisors in the first instance to discuss the application. Details of potentially relevant projects and relevant contacts can be found here:

Facing judgement: what can we tell about people just by looking at them | Nottingham Trent University<https://www.ntu.ac.uk/research/find-a-phd-opportunity/projects/social-sciences/facing-judgement-what-can-we-tell-about-people-just-by-looking-at-them>
Contact: ian.stephen at ntu.ac.uk<mailto:ian.stephen at ntu.ac.uk> in the first instance to discuss the application.

Understanding how individual differences in hearing impairment and age impact on audio-visual speech perception | Nottingham Trent University<https://www.ntu.ac.uk/research/find-a-phd-opportunity/projects/social-sciences/understanding-how-individual-differences-in-hearing-impairment-and-age-impact-on-audio-visual-speech-perception>
Contact: paula.stacey at ntu.ac.uk<mailto:paula.stacey at ntu.ac.uk> in the first instance to discuss the application.

Providing multisensory support to improve older adults' cognitive abilities | Nottingham Trent University<https://www.ntu.ac.uk/research/find-a-phd-opportunity/studentship-projects/providing-multisensory-support-to-improve-older-adults-cognitive-abilities2>
Contact: kate.roberts at ntu.ac.uk<mailto:kate.roberts at ntu.ac.uk> in the first instance to discuss the application.

Investigating neural oscillations in the migraine brain using electrophysiology and behavioural performance | Nottingham Trent University<https://www.ntu.ac.uk/research/find-a-phd-opportunity/studentship-projects/investigating-neural-oscillations-in-the-migraine-brain-using-electrophysiology-and-behavioural-performance>
Contact: louise.o'hare at ntu.ac.uk and christina.howard at ntu.ac.uk<mailto:christina.howard at ntu.ac.uk> in the first instance to discuss the application.

Face matching using a novel interactive procedure: Examining eye- and mouse-movement behaviour | Nottingham Trent University<https://www.ntu.ac.uk/research/find-a-phd-opportunity/studentship-projects/face-matching-using-a-novel-interactive-procedure-examining-eye-and-mouse-movement-behaviour>
Contact: harriet.smith02 at ntu.ac.uk<mailto:harriet.smith02 at ntu.ac.uk> or Filipe.cristino at ntu.ac.uk<mailto:Filipe.cristino at ntu.ac.uk>

Expecting Thunderclaps then Lightning Strikes: How do we integrate sound and light in a complex world? | Nottingham Trent University<https://www.ntu.ac.uk/research/find-a-phd-opportunity/studentship-projects/expecting-thunderclaps-then-lightning-strikes-how-do-we-integrate-sound-and-light-in-a-complex-world2>
Contact: darren.rhodes at ntu.ac.uk<mailto:darren.rhodes at ntu.ac.uk> in the first instance to discuss the application.

Hearing words in a sea of noise: Does musical training and second language learning help? | Nottingham Trent University<https://www.ntu.ac.uk/research/find-a-phd-opportunity/studentship-projects/hearing-words-in-a-sea-of-noise-does-musical-training-and-second-language-learning-help>
Contact: christian.sumner at ntu.ac.uk<mailto:christian.sumner at ntu.ac.uk> in the first instance to discuss the application.

Visual Cognitive Expertise and Situation Awareness in Sports: Exploring macro and micro cognitive predictors of sports performance
Contact: andrew.mackenzie at ntu.ac.uk<mailto:andrew.mackenzie at ntu.ac.uk>

For the full list of advertised projects please see:

Louise O'Hare

Please note I work part-time, Monday-Thursday.

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