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************* STVD-FC Dataset for the the French political content analysis and fact-checking ***************

The LIFAT laboratory (Tours city, France) https://lifat.univ-tours.fr/ has published a dataset named STVD-FC "large-Scale TV Dataset - Fact Checking". This dataset is dedicated to the French political content analysis and fact-checking having a particular focuss on the 2022 French presidential election. This dataset is public available (below) under an intellectual property agreement / terms of use.


STVD-FC is the largest public dataset on the political content analysis and fact-checking tasks. It consists of more than 1,200 fact-checked claims that have been scraped from a fact-checking service with associated metadata. For the video counterpart, the dataset contains nearly 6,730 TV programs, having a total duration of 6,540 hours, with metadata. These programs have been collected during the 2022 French presidential election with a dedicated workstation and protocol. The dataset is delivered as different parts for accessibility of the 2 TB of data and proper indexes. More information about the STVD-FC dataset can be found into the publication [1]. 

[1] F. Rayar, M. Delalandre and V.H. Le. A large-scale TV video and metadata database for French political content analysis and fact-checking. Conference on Content-Based Multimedia Indexing (CBMI), pp. 181–185, 2022.  https://hal-cnam.archives-ouvertes.fr/LIRFAI/hal-03747122v1

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