[visionlist] Postdoctoral position in Cognitive psychology (image analysis, eye-tracking)

Michał Kuniecki michal.kuniecki at uj.edu.pl
Thu Jan 26 13:32:32 -04 2023

Dear colleagues,

We are looking for a Post Doc willing to work with us on a project titled: "Is it fake? How meaning, attention, and emotions shape perceived authenticity of photojournalistic photographs."

The position is fully funded for 24 months. The application deadline is February 28th, and the interviews will be conducted in the beginning of March.

The contact person is Michal Kuniecki michal.kuniecki at uj.edu.pl

In the project, we aim to examine how the impact of specific content categories present in the photojournalistic images, attention deployment, as well as emotional reaction evoked by their presentation guide decision process in the authenticity judgment statements regarding the "fakeness" or "realness" of photojournalistic images.

More complete description of the project can be found here: https://www.ncn.gov.pl/sites/default/files/listy-rankingowe/2020-09-30apsv2/streszczenia/498080-en.pdf

The full job description as well as all the paperwork required for submission is available here: https://euraxess.ec.europa.eu/jobs/64190

In short the duties include:

1) organization, design and preparation of project research tasks, including the organization of the work of the research team

2) designing the study materials and experimental procedures,

3) conducting experimental research,

4) data preprocessing using dedicated programming tools,

5) conducting statistical analysis,

6) interpretation of the results,

7) preparation of publications and conference presentations,

8) presentation of the results at scientific conferences,

9) attendance in research team meetings,

We expect candidates to:
1) Hold PhD title in psychology or related fields (cognitive science, neuroscience, or other related fields) obtained no earlier than 7 years prior to the date of application for the research assistant position (i.e. February 2023);
2) Have experience in planning and/or conducting research and/or has participated in research projects in the field of eye-tracking and/or psychophysiology;
3) Has authored or co-authored publications appearing in peer-reviewed journals, especially those indexed in the Journal Citation Index database;
4) Has authored or co-authored presentations at international conferences;
5) Has experience in statistical analysis of data (e.g. SPSS, R);
6) Strong command of English
7) Has programming skills to write research procedures (knowledge of Python or Matlab would be an asset);
8) Experience with Machine Learning and Deep Learning models (e.g., Pytorch, Tensorflow) will be an asset;
9) Experience managing a research project and/or research team will be an asset.

Dr hab. Michał Kuniecki
Instytut Psychologii Uniwersytetu Jagiellońskiego
Emotion and Perception Lab<http://eapl.psychologia.uj.edu.pl/>
Kierownik projektu CogNeS<http://cognes.psychologia.uj.edu.pl/>
ul. Ingardena 6
30-060 Kraków

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