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Affective Computing and Intelligent Interactions 2023: CALL FOR PAPERS

The Association for the Advancement of Affective Computing (AAAC) invites
you to join us at our 11th International Conference on Affective Computing
and Intelligent Interaction (ACII), which will be held in Cambridge,
Massachusetts, USA, on September 10th – 13th, 2023.

The Conference series on Affective Computing and Intelligent Interaction is
the premier international venue for interdisciplinary research on the
design of systems that can recognize, interpret, and simulate human
emotions and, more generally, affective phenomena. All accepted papers are
expected to be included in IEEE Xplore (conditional on the approval by IEEE
Computer Society) and indexed by EI. A selection of the best articles at
ACII 2023 will be invited to submit extended versions to the IEEE Transactions
on Affective Computing.

The theme of ACII 2023 is “Affective Computing: Context and Multimodality”.
Fully understanding, predicting, and generating affective processes
undoubtedly requires the careful integration of multiple contextual factors
(e.g., gender, personality, relationships, goals, environment, situation,
and culture), information modalities (e.g., audio, images, text, touch, and
smells) and evaluation in ecological environments. Thus, ACII 2023
especially welcomes submitted research that assesses and advances Affective
Computing’s ability to do this integration.

Topics of interest include, but are not limited to:

Recognition and Synthesis of Human Affect from ALL Modalities

   - Multimodal Modeling of Cognitive and Affective States
   - Contextualized Modeling of Cognitive and Affective States
   - Facial and Body Gesture Recognition, Modeling and Animation
   - Affective Speech Analysis, Recognition and Synthesis
   - Recognition and Synthesis of Auditory Affect Bursts (Laughter, Cries,
   - Motion Capture for Affect Recognition
   - Affect Recognition from Alternative Modalities (Physiology, Brain
   Waves, etc.)
   - Affective Text Processing and Sentiment Analysis
   - Multimodal Data Fusion for Affect Recognition
   - Synthesis of Multimodal Affective Behavior
   - Summarisation of Affective Behavior

Affective Science using Affective Computing Tools

   - Studies of affective behavior perception using computational tools
   - Studies of affective behavior production using computational tools
   - Studies of affect in medical/clinical settings using computational
   - Studies of affect in context using computational tools

Psychology & Cognition of Affect in Designing Computational Systems

   - Computational Models of Affective Processes
   - Issues in Psychology & Cognition of Affect in Affective Computing
   - Cultural Differences in Affective Design and Interaction

Affective Interfaces

   - Interfaces for Monitoring and Improving Mental and Physical Well-Being
   - Design of Affective Loop and Affective Dialogue Systems
   - Human-Centred Human-Behaviour-Adaptive Interfaces
   - Interfaces for Attentive & Intelligent Environments
   - Mobile, Tangible and Virtual/Augmented Multimodal Proactive Interfaces
   - Distributed/Collaborative Multimodal Proactive Interfaces
   - Tools and System Design Issues for Building Affective and Proactive
   - Evaluation of Affective, Behavioural, and Proactive Interfaces

 Affective, Social and Inclusive Robotics and Virtual Agents

   - Artificial Agents for Supporting Mental and Physical Well-Being
   - Emotion in Robot and Virtual Agent Cognition and Action
   - Embodied Emotion
   - Biologically-Inspired Architectures for Affective and Social Robotics
   - Developmental and Evolutionary Models for Affective and Social Robotics
   - Models of Emotion for Embodied Conversational Agents
   - Personality in Embodied Conversational Agents
   - Memory, Reasoning, and Learning in Affective Conversational Agents

Affect and Group Emotions

   - Analyzing and modeling groups taking into account emergent states
   and/or emotions
   - Integration of artificial agents (robots, virtual characters) in the
   group life by leveraging its affective loop: interaction paradigms,
   strategies, modalities, adaptation
   - Collaborative affective interfaces (e.g., for inclusion, for
   education, for games and entertainment)

Open Resources for Affective Computing

   - Shared Datasets for Affective Computing
   - Benchmarks for Affective Computing
   - Open-source Software/Tools for Affective Computing

Fairness, Accountability, Privacy, Transparency and Ethics in Affective

   - Bias, imbalance and inequalities in data and modeling approaches in
   the context of Affective Computing
   - Bias mitigation in the context of Affective Computing
   - Explainability and Transparency in the context of Affective Computing
   - Privacy-preserving affect sensing and modeling
   - Ethical aspects in the context of Affective Computing


   - Health and well-being
   - Education
   - Entertainment
   - Consumer Products
   - User Experience

Important dates

Main track submissions: 14 April 2023

Decision notification to authors: 2 June 2023

Camera ready submission for main track: 16 June 2023

The remaining important dates can be found at the ACII website
<https://acii-conf.net/> and at the bottom of this document.

We hope to see you at ACII 2023!

ACII2023 Organizers


*All Important Dates*

Call for workshop-, special track-, and tutorial proposals.

5 Jan 2023

Call for papers for the main conference track

5 Jan 2023

Submission deadline for workshop-, special track-, and tutorial proposals

17 Feb 2023

Notification for workshop-, special track-, and tutorial proposals

3 March 2023

Submission system opens for *all* tracks

6 March 2023

Call for special track contributions (including special tracks, DC, demo,
  workshop papers, and LBR)

6 March 2023

Submission deadlines for *all* contributions, except late breaking reports
(no extensions possible)

14 April 2023

Notifications for *all* contributions

2 June 2023

Late Breaking Results (LBR) submission deadline

16 June 2023

Revision submission main conference track deadline

16 June 2023

LBR notifications

30 June 2023

Revisions main track notifications

30 June 2023

Early bird registration deadline

7 July 2023

Camera ready deadline for all contributions including LBR

1 Aug 2023


10-13 Sept 2023

Workshops and tutorials

10 Sept 2023

Main conference

11-13 Sept 2023


*Agata Lapedriza*
Head of the *Artificial Intelligence for Human Well-being* Lab
*eHealth Center *
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