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PhD Position in Computer Science (Orebro University, Sweden)

Project Description:  The broad focus of the position is on the formal and cognitive 
foundations of human-centred AI; the specific research topics relevant to the 
position are declarative spatial reasoning, cognitive vision and perception, and 
integration of spatial reasoning and spatial learning. Our aim with this new 
recruitment is to further advance our research competences at the interface of 
Cognition, AI, Interaction, and Design with a particular focus on:
	-  Spatial Reasoning
	-  Spatial Cognition and AI
	-  Visual Perception

The doctoral candidate will focus on developing the mathematical and computational 
foundations to represent, consistently maintain, and reason/learn about dynamic, 
relational knowledge about space, motion, and (embodied) multimodal interaction 
in everyday contexts. The methods to be developed will emphasise: 

	1)  integration of semantic and quantitative data; 
	2)  handling uncertain and incomplete knowledge; 
	3)  integration of spatial reasoning and learning; and 
	4)  human-centred explainability of mechanisms for modelling and reasoning about space-time dynamics.

The project will build on and advance recent research in spatial reasoning, 
cognitive vision and perception, and neurosymbolic reasoning. We expect the basic research 
outcomes of this project to be applicable in a wide range of computational cognitive systems 
contexts including but not limited to autonomous vehicles, cognitive robots, digital media 
systems, building architecture design systems. Interest in one or more of these or other 
relevant applications will be an added advantage.

The technical context of the applicable research area 
may be consulted here: https://www.codesign-lab.org/cognitive-vision/

Application Deadline:  April 28 2023

Formal announcement and application procedure:  

Contact:  For more information about the research / project focus 
relevant to the position, please contact Prof. Mehul Bhatt, 
e-mail: mehul.bhatt at oru.se <mailto:mehul.bhatt at oru.se>

Funding:  The position is offered based on a project 
(titled "Counterfactual Commonsense") funded by 
the Swedish Research Council ( Vetenskapsrådet ).
The position on offer is fully funded; salary and other related 
details may be consulted via the link above.


Professor - School of Science and Technology - Örebro University, Sweden
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