[visionlist] Call for contribution and registration to the Systems Vision Science Symposium: Aug. 22-24, 2023, in Tuebingen, Germany

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Thu Feb 23 07:34:06 -04 2023




Systems Vision Science Symposium

Aug. 22-24, 2023 in Tübingen, Germany


Our symposium takes place at the end of our Systems Vision Science summer
school Aug. 14-24, 2023. Presentation topics by the invited speakers will be

®    Topics in Systems Vision Science

®    The power of two: New perspectives on binocular vision

®    Central versus peripheral vision

We are pleased to announce our symposium's keynote speaker: Marty Sereno. 
The keynote speech will be on August 22, 2023

Invited speakers of the Systems Vision Science Summer School and Symposium
Assaf Breska, Peter Dayan, Andrea van Doorn, Wolfgang Einhäuser-Treyer, Karl
Ziad Hafed, Tadashi Isa, Jan Koenderink, Kristine Krug, Hanspeter Mallot,
Laurence Maloney, 
Pascal Mamassian, Antje Nuthmann, Daniel Osorio, Andrew Parker, Jenny Read,
Alexander Schütz, 
Manuel Spitschan, Kristina Visscher, Li Zhaoping.


We invite you to submit contributions in form of posters to the symposium on
all topics in Systems Vision Science, 
which combines computational, behavioral, and neuroscience methods to
discover functions and algorithms for vision in various brain regions 
and their implementations in neural circuits. To maximize exchanges during
the symposium, each poster will be displayed 
throughout the symposium, which includes five poster sessions  (two daytime
sessions and three evening sessions), 
in a venue next to the lecture hall and coffee breaks to give enough time
for discussions, networking and knowledge exchange.

To contribute, please fill out our registration form including an abstract,
which can be found here:


Submissions of contributions are possible until April 30, 2023.

Registration without contribution to the symposium will be open until
capacity or deadline for organization is reached.

This year’s venue capacity is 100, including invited speakers and summer
school participants.

Information about our summer school, which takes place just before the
Systems Vision Science Symposium, 
can be found here:  <https://summerschool.lizhaoping.org/>


Please direct inquiries to  <mailto:svs.summerschool at tue.mpg.de>
svs.summerschool at tue.mpg.de


Organizing team:

Li Zhaoping

Ulf Lüder

Maria Pavlovic

Junhao Liang


Max Planck Institute for Biological Cybernetics

University of Tuebingen

www.lizhaoping.org <http://www.lizhaoping.org> 


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