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School of Psychology and Centre for Human Brain Health, University of Birmingham, UK.


The Fringe-P3 method (Bowman et al, 2013; Alsufyani et al, 2019) developed out of a line of theoretical work focussed on temporal attention and perception on the fringe of awareness (Bowman & Wyble, 2007; Avilés et al, 2020; Bowman & Avilés, 2022). The method provides a means to present a large number of visual stimuli very rapidly to a participant’s brain and then determine with EEG, which of those stimuli the participant finds salient. A very simple form of salience that we look at is familiarity, with stimuli that are familiar breaking into participants’ awareness and thereby generating a P3 (or a variant of it), which we detect with EEG. The method has been proposed as a deception detector, specifically, a (countermeasures-resistant) concealed-knowledge test (Bowman et al, 2013, 2014; Alsufyani et al, 2019; Harris et al, 2021).

Our recent Innovate UK project with the company Visionmetric (https://visionmetric.com/) used the Fringe-P3 method to provide a prototype system for extracting the memory of a face. This is done by generating a facial morph that is a weighted average of the faces presented in rapid serial visual presentation, with weight determined by the strength of the P3 that face generated. A demo of the system developed in this project can be seen here:


The Research Associate will be employed on a recently awarded EPSRC Impact Acceleration account at the University of Birmingham, which, with Visionmetric, will improve the efficiency with which P3s are detected with machine learning and will also explore alternative detection modalities, such as pupil dilation.

The position is for one year in the first instance, but with the possibility of follow-on funding.

Direct enquiries to the Principal Investigator, Howard Bowman (H.Bowman at bham.ac.uk). Professor Howard Bowman (Psychology, University of Birmingham; Computing, University of Kent and Wellcome Centre for Human Neuroimaging, UCL [honorary]).

To apply for this job, search for it on the following site,


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Avilés, A., Bowman, H., & Wyble, B. (2020). On the limits of evidence accumulation of the preconscious percept. Cognition, 195, 104080.
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Bowman, H., Filetti, M., Janssen, D., Su, L., Alsufyani, A., & Wyble, B. (2013). Subliminal salience search illustrated: EEG identity and deception detection on the fringe of awareness. PLoS One, 8(1).
Bowman, H., Filetti, M., Alsufyani, A., Janssen, D., & Su, L. (2014). Countering countermeasures: Detecting identity lies by detecting conscious breakthrough. PloS one, 9(3), e90595.
Bowman, H., & Wyble, B. (2007). The simultaneous type, serial token model of temporal attention and working memory. Psychological review, 114(1), 38.
Harris, K., Miller, C., Jose, B., Beech, A., Woodhams, J., & Bowman, H. (2021). Breakthrough percepts of online identity: Detecting recognition of email addresses on the fringe of awareness. European Journal of Neuroscience, 53(3), 895-901.

Professor Howard Bowman (PhD)
Professor of Cognition & Logic in Computing at Uni Kent, and
Professor of Cognitive Neuroscience in Psychology at Uni Birmingham
(honorary at Wellcome Centre for Human Neuroimaging, University College London)

Centre for Cognitive Neuroscience and Cognitive Systems and the School of Computing, University of Kent at Canterbury, Canterbury, Kent, CT2 7NF, UK
email: H.Bowman at kent.ac.uk<mailto:H.Bowman at kent.ac.uk>
WWW: http://www.cs.kent.ac.uk/people/staff/hb5/

School of Psychology, University of Birmingham, Edgbaston, Birmingham B15 2TT, UK

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