[visionlist] PhD position "Video description by textual and semantic enrichment"

Mathieu Delalandre mathieu.delalandre at univ-tours.fr
Thu Mar 9 14:47:43 -04 2023

Dear all,

We have a PhD position below on the fields of computer vision and NLP. 
It could be of interest for the members of the visionlist at visionscience.com mailing list.

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PhD position "Video description by textual and semantic enrichment"

Keywords: video description, deep learning, convolutional neural network, coreference resolution, knowledge graph, multi-tasking, multimodality

Abstract: The topic of this PhD thesis is the automatic generation of video descriptions based on automatic natural language processing and deep learning. The goal is to overcome the limitations of existing databases in terms of encoding, multimodality, standardization,  ground truth and contextualization to improve the performance of video description methods. To this end, we plan to apply convolutional neural networks on videos enriched with textual and semantic data, relying in particular on the knowledge graphs of the Web of Data. This PhD thesis work involves solving scientific challenges such as coreference resolution and multi-task and multi-modal processing for performance evaluation. In addition, the project will contribute to the development of large-scale standardized databases for performance evaluation of video description methods, which is essential for future research in this area.

Full subject:  https://www.info.univ-tours.fr/~soulet/download/phdsubject_short_en.pdf

Laboratory: LIFAT Laboratory (BDTLN and RFAI teams), University of Tours (UT), Tours city, France
Location: Blois and Tours cities, France
Duration: 3 years
Funding: A fully funded 3-years PhD position / salary of 1600€ a month (take-home pay) 
Profile of the candidate: Master's degree in Computer Science, initiation to research (teaching, or project, or internship), motivation for NLP, Computer Vision and deep learning, some knowledge in French would be appreciated.
Link for application: https://collegedoctoral-cvl.fr/as/ed/voirproposition.pl?site=CDCVL&matricule_prop=46957&langue=en
Deadline for application: 15/05/2023
Required documents: M1 and M2 report cards, letters of recommendation

Contact emails: mathieu.delalandre at univ-tours.fr / , nathalie.friburger at univ-tours.fr, donatello.conte at univ-tours.fr, arnaud.soulet at univ-tours.fr
Links: University of Tours https://international.univ-tours.fr/, LIFAT Lab https://lifat.univ-tours.fr/ , RFAI group
https://www.rfai.lifat.univ-tours.fr/ , Home pages ( https://www.info.univ-tours.fr/~soulet/ ,
https://www.info.univ-tours.fr/~friburger/ , http://mathieu.delalandre.free.fr/ )

Mathieu Delalandre (PhD)
LIFAT Laboratory, RFAI Group
Tours city, France
+33 247 361 432
mathieu.delalandre at univ-tours.fr

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