[visionlist] [IEEE Biometrics Council]: Free Webinar by Dr. Ran He on Heterogeneous Face Recognition

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*** FREE ONLINE WEBINAR on Heterogeneous Face Recognition ***

The IEEE Biometrics Council invites participants to the upcoming (free) 
webinar by Prof. Ran He on "Heterogeneous Face Recognition". Detail on 
the webinar are given below:

Title: Heterogeneous Face Recognition
Speaker: Prof. Dr. Ran He, National Laboratory of Pattern Recognition, 
CASIA, China
When: 29 March 2013, at 10am Beijing time (4 am CEST, 9 pm CST, 10pm EST)
Where: Online (Zoom)
Registration: (free, but required): 

*** Talk Summary ***
Ubiquitous vision sensors not only facilitate the wide application of 
face recognition but also generate various heterogeneous sets of facial 
images. Matching faces across different sensing modalities raises the 
problem of heterogeneous face recognition (HFR) or cross domain face 
recognition. Due to significant difference in sensing processes, 
heterogeneous images of the same subject have large appearance 
variations, which has distinguished HFR from regular visible face 
recognition. During last several years, our research group have 
investigated a range such problems and developed applications. This talk 
will focus on research and recent advances of heterogeneous face 
recognition, including fundamental models, face recognition method and 
recognition from synthesis.

*** About the Speaker ***
Dr. Ran He received the PhD degrees in pattern recognition and 
intelligence system from Institute of Automation, Chinese Academy of 
Sciences (CASIA), China, in 2009. He has been a professor at National 
Laboratory of Pattern Recognition since December, 2016. He is now 
directing the visual perception and machine learning group. He has 
published two books and more than 200 papers in refereed journals and 
conference proceedings in the areas of computer vision, pattern 
recognition, and image processing. He is the editor board member of IEEE 
TIP, IEEE T-BIOM and Pattern Recognition. He was the area chair of 
CVPR/ECCV/ICML/NeurIPS. His research won IEEE SPS Young Author Best 
Paper Award (2020), IAPR ICPR Best Scientific Paper Award (2020), and 
IEEE ICB Honorable Mention Paper Award (2019). He is the 2022 recipient 
of CAS Outstanding Tutor Award. He is a senior member of the IEEE and 
also a Fellow of IAPR.

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