[visionlist] Web3D 2023 - Call for Papers and Contributions 9-11 October 2023 - San Sebastian, Spain (in-person and virtual)

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*9-11 October 2023 - Call for Papers and Contributions - **Submission
deadline 15 June 2023*

*Call for Papers <https://web3d.siggraph.org/cfp/>  and  **Submission
Details <https://easychair.org/my/conference?conf=web3d2023> *
Join your fellow 3D technologists and peers by contributing your scientific
innovation, technical development or artistic accomplishments! We welcome
all topics related to Web/mobile 3D content creation, publishing
technology, tools, Virtual worlds, Metaverse and related studies. Share
your latest 3D work!

The 28th *Web3D 2023 Conference <https://web3d.siggraph.org/>* on 3D Web
Technology will be hosted by Vicomtech <https://www.vicomtech.org/en>
<http://vicomtech.org>in San Sebastian, Spain from *9-11 October 2023*.
Sponsored by ACM SIGGRAPH <http://www.acm.org/> in cooperation with the Web3D
Consortium <http://www.web3d.org/>. This year's theme is "*Towards
inter-connectivity of Metaverses*"

*Topics and areas of interest:*

We welcome all topics related to Web/mobile 3D content creation, immersive
realities, 3D compression, publishing technology, tools, and related

   - VR/AR/MR/XR: virtual, augmented, mixed, cross and extended realities
   - Novel interactive 3D web applications in all areas and sectors such as
   entertainment, education, training, cultural heritage and tourism, digital
   twins, medicine, military, smart-manufacturing / industry 4.0, information
   & data visualization, science, geographic information systems, digital
   globes, subsurface exploration and mining, integrated marine data
   management and visualization, smart city, building information modeling,
   and architecture.
   - HTML5 3D, WebGL, WebGPU, glTF, MPEG and other languages and formats
   that support the 3D Web
   - Semantic Web for 3D objects and scenes
   - X3D application examples
   - Novel APIs, toolkits, and frameworks for 3D web and associated
   application domains
   - 3D content creation and modeling, 3D content scanning, reconstruction,
   compression, printing, visualization
   - Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies for 3D processing and its
   various use cases
   - Algorithms for shape modeling, optimization, analysis, and processing
   - 3D technologies for Digital humans
   - 3D technologies for Medical and Health Data
   - Digital Twins on the Web: modeling, cinematics, photorealism,
   simulation, etc.
   - User-centered applications: usability, ergonomics, speed and
   responsiveness, customization of the virtual experience
   - Visual analytics to enhance understability of large data in virtual
   - Cloud-based rendering, services, interoperability for large-scale
   models, animations, virtual worlds and metaverses
   - End to end systems for streaming, compression, and transmission of 3D
   - Motion capture for composition and streaming of behaviors and
   - Multi-modal 3D interaction paradigms, including spatial UI, gesture
   and voice
   - Diffusion and adoption of 3D Web technologies, comparative studies,
   historical perspectives, www integration
   - Mobile 3D applications and usability studies, including navigation
   performance and immersion Impact.
   - Metaverse in education and its impact on learning outcomes.
   - Metaverse in digital legacy and its impact on tourism.
   - Metaverse in entertainment and its impact on traditional media.
   - Metaverse for training and simulation in various industries.
   - The impact of the Metaverse on speech, communication, interaction, and
   physical spaces.

The accepted papers and poster summaries will be published in the Web3D
2023 ACM Conference Proceedings, available in the ACM Digital Library.
Works selected for the Best Paper awards will be invited to submit extended
versions to a selection of specialized journals

 For questions about the program and conference topics please email us at:
program2023 at web3d.org
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